PUBG Mobile Esports Announces Roadmap For 2023

PUBG Mobile Esports Announces Roadmap For 2023

PUBG Mobile has announced that it will be hosting two global tournaments in 2023 – the PUBG Mobile World Invitational in Riyadh in July and the PUBG Mobile Global Championship in Turkey in November. These tournaments will bring together the best PUBG Mobile players from around the world to compete for top honors. In addition to these global tournaments PUBG Mobile has also reworked the PUBG Mobile Pro League and the wildly successful PUBG Mobile Regional Clash, expanding them even more.

With representation in multi-sport events like the Asian Games and the SEA Games, PUBG Mobile is all set to have what could perhaps be its biggest year yet.

PUBG Mobile Esports to bring changes to PMPL for 2023

PUBG Mobile Esports will be making a number of upgrades to the PMPL, which includes expansion updates in the Southeast Asia (SEA) region. PMPL Malaysia/Singapore/Philippines (MY/SG/PH) will now become PMPL Malaysia. Additionally, it will be introducing the PMPL SEA Wild Card (PH/KH/MM/SG), which will cover the Philippines, Myanmar (MM), Cambodia (KH), and Singapore regions. 

PUBG Mobile Esports will host the PMPL Qualifier, which will be the entry point for semi-pro and amateur teams to the PMPL in 2024. Teams will gain access to the PMPL Qualifier by competing in the PUBG Mobile National Championship, PUBG MOBILE Club Open, or third-party tournaments. For 2023, it will aim to provide more opportunities for semi-pro and amateur teams than ever before, with a clear pathway to pro. 

PUBG Mobile Esports to introduces PMRC forin 2023 

In 2022, PUBG Mobile Esports introduced the first PUBG Mobile Regional Clash 2022, focusing on the Asian region. This tournament allowed fans to witness their favorite regional teams go head-to-head outside of PUBG Mobile’s global tournaments. The tournament was a massive hit, and fans enjoyed the rivalry between different regions. To foster regional rivalries and replicate the success of its Regional Clash in 2022, PUBG Mobile Esports will introduce more regional clashes in 2023. 

PUBG Mobile Esports 2023 global tournaments 

Like 2022, PUBG Mobile Esports will host two global tournaments – the PUBG MOBILE World Invitational in Riyadh in July and the PUBG MOBILE Global Championship in Türkiye for the first time starting from November. Fans can also look forward to seeing PUBG MOBILE represented at the 32nd Southeast Asian Games, taking place in May in Cambodia, and the 19th Asian Games, hosted in Hangzhou, China starting in September. The SEA Games will also host two PUBG MOBILE tournaments, including team and individual events.

PUBG MOBILE Esports also plans to make changes to the current format of tournaments, and transition to a 10-point system for 2023.


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