PUBG Mobile Esports announces the upcoming PMRC 2023 events

PUBG MOBILE is excited to announce the return of the PUBG MOBILE Regional Clash (PMRC) tournament for 2023. Kicking off on 29th June, this event will see teams from six regions battle across 4 tense clashes to prove their worth.

PUBG MOBILE Esports is excited to announce that the second installment of the PUBG MOBILE Regional Clash (PMRC 2023) will kick off this June! The tournament, which sets top teams from across the world against each other in a region vs region format, is set to begin on the 29th June with the first battle South East Asia (SEA) vs South Asia (SA). This year will feature four regional clashes, with 16 teams competing in each, as they battle to be crowned champions.

With four clashes taking place from June to October of 2023, teams will be training and strategizing in order to prove themselves against new competition. Following the usual format, points will be awarded for team placement and eliminations. However, to raise the stakes a regional points system will now run alongside the individual team scores, adding further competition to the tournament and allowing fans to see which region has the better teams overall. Teams will still need to focus on their own performance, eliminating their opponents, and placing first if they want to secure bragging rights.

The tournament will feature the top eight teams from PUBG MOBILE Super League South East Asia, South Asia Championship, the PUBG MOBILE Pro League Middle East & Africa Championship, the European Championship, PUBG MOBILE Pro League Europe, PUBG MOBILE Pro League Africa, and special invite: the Peacekeeper Elite League.

With four clashes taking place from June to October, fans can expect tense competition among the teams. The schedule for PMRC 2023 can be found below:

  • SEA vs. SA: 29 June – 2 July
    • Top 8 teams of PMSL SEA vs. Top 8 teams of South Asia Championship
  • MEA vs. EU by Gamers8:20 – 23 July
    • Top 8 teams of PMPL Middle East & Africa Championship 2023 vs. Top 8 teams of European Championship
  • EU vs AF: 10-13 Aug
    • Top 8 teams of PMPL Europe vs. Top 8 teams of PMPL Africa
  • PEL vs. SEA:20 – 22 Oct
    • Top 8 teams of PEL Summer vs. Top 8 Teams of PMSL SEA

“This year has been off to a great start for the competitive PUBG MOBILE scene and there’s still plenty to come! We’re very excited to announce the second instalment of the PMRC, giving fans the opportunity to see how each region’s playstyle and tactics match up against each other. With the success of the first year’s PMRC in mind, we’re looking forward to seeing how team strategies have advanced since then,” said James Yang, Director of PUBG MOBILE Global Esports.

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