PUBG Mobile Investigator Outfit Design Challenge offers rewards

Level Infinite introduces PUBG Mobile Investigator Outfit Design Challenge. Players can participate and win amazing rewards

PUBG Mobile Investigator Outfit Design Challenge offers amazing rewards
PUBG Mobile Investigator Outfit Design Challenge

PUBG Mobile Investigator Outfit Design Challenge– Level Infinite introduces a new design contest that is now live till June 23! The theme is to design exclusive outfits for in-game investigators. The investigators are players dedicated to fairness who help officials uncover cheating. They join the investigator team out of a desire to combat corruption and ensure an honest game. Read on to learn more about the design challenge. For future updates on PUBG Mobile, follow

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PUBG Mobile Investigator Outfit Design Challenge

Submission Explanation:

  • Upload your entry through the form:
  • Selection: Entries will be officially screened for the voting stage, the first place of investigator voting entry will be implanted to the game.
  • Design: Outfit (necessary), Other small items (optional) 
  • Since we will consider producing the outfit as physical merchandise, realistic wearability is a necessity.

Event Awards:

  • One (1) Most Popularity Award winner: $1000
  • Twenty (20) Voting Award winners: $100

Design Criteria:

  • Recognizability: The outfit should be instantly recognizable, letting other players know at a glance that it identifies the wearer as an investigator.
  • Affiliation: The investigators identify strongly with the outfit and like wearing it to demonstrate their allegiance.
  • Wearability: Given that the investigators are experienced players of the game, they have demanding needs for how wearable the outfit is. Please design an outfit that is form-fitting, stylish and practical

 Tips: If you have contacts among the investigators, ask them directly about the style and features they want for their outfits. Getting input from the actual wearers will guide your design.

Event Rules:

  • The Voting Award will be judged by the official PUBGM team; The Popularity Award will be voted on by the investigators.
  • Winners will be selected based on quality, originality, uniqueness, and relevance.
  • Do not contain violence, politics, pornography, or any objectionable content.
  • The submitted content must not be plagiarized or infringed. If there is plagiarism, the entry qualification of the work will be disqualified.
  • By submitting your work to us, you are deemed to agree that your work will be publicly used on the PUBGM official platform.
  • Please fill it out using real information. Every game ID can submit a maximum of two entries, but only one entry can be rewarded.

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