PUBG Mobile Lite Season 40 Winner Pass price and rewards revealed

The new Season 40 Winner Pass is now live in PUBG Mobile Lite (Image via Sportskeeda)

PUBG Mobile Lite has emerged in recent years as one of the most popular battle royale games on mobile devices. Although it is a compact variant of its superior counterpart, PUBG Mobile, the game has a dedicated playerbase of its own.

The developers of the Lite version, Tencent Games, have always introduced new items to add variety to the BR experience of gamers around the world. However, the monthly Winner Pass is what gets players the most excited. Players eagerly wait for a new RP to get their hands on rewards.

How can PUBG Mobile Lite users get the new Season 40 Winner Pass?

The Season 39 Winner Pass recently concluded. This resulted in the Winner Pass tab staying locked for a short duration. The new Season 40 Winner Pass was rolled out in the Lite variant earlier today at UTC + 0.

The new WP will follow the existing norm of having a month-long tenure. It will be live in the game until September 30, 2022. Users can purchase the WP and get their hands on cosmetics, items, and more.


The new Winner Pass 40 is available in two variants. While the popular Elite Upgrade variant is available for 280 BC, the Elite Upgrade Plus variant can be purchased for 800 UC. Purchasing the former will guarantee rewards worth 1000 BC, and purchasing the latter will help players obtain rewards worth 3000 BC.

List of rewards introduced in new Winner Pass 40 in PUBG Mobile Lite

Following the norm of Winner Passes from previous seasons, the new Season 40 Winner Pass has brought along a lot of new rewards that users can obtain by completing daily and weekly missions.

The new Winner Pass has two sections- free and paid. While the former offers gamers only a handful of rewards, the latter enables users to get a plethora of new cosmetics, items, and gun skins.


Here’s an overview of the different ranked rewards that have been introduced to the new PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass 40:

  • WP Rank 1: Schoolgirl in Pink outfit together with Street Wave emote
  • WP Rank 5: Strawberry Glasses (available in the free WP section) together with Berry Cute Cover
  • WP Rank 10: Bon Appetit Pan together with Premium Crate Coupon
  • WP Rank 12: Violet Wonder Helmet
  • WP Rank 15: Oven Fresh Backpack, together with Supermarket Sale Parachute (available in the free WP section)
  • WP Rank 20: Berry Cute Set
  • WP Rank 25: Cherry Blossom S12K
  • WP Rank 30: Golden Feather Dacia

Furthermore, the Redeem section also contains several new rewards. Violet Wonder UMP 45, Violet Wonder Set, and Violet Wonder Headgear are up for grabs in both permanent and time-limited variants. Players can use the extra WP points to open a Redeem Crate and get their hands on the new rewards.

Note: Indian gamers reading this article must refrain from playing PUBG Mobile Lite as it is banned by the Indian government.

Edited by Siddharth Satish


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