PUBG Mobile Marmoris X-Suit is here with the Bejeweled Pearl Glider

The X-Suit is a special outfit in PUBG Mobile that has a number of amazing features. The new Marmoris X-Suit is available from 4th August to 5th October. Players can get the outfit by drawing rewards using UC (in-game currency).

The X-Suit in PUBG Mobile is a special type of outfit with some amazing features like a color-changing ability, animations, emotes, Finish messages, and more. If you have the X-Suit, you will become the most popular player in the game lobby. Earlier today, PUBG Mobile introduces Marmoris X-Suit in the game. Check out the details below.

X-Suits are very expensive and rare outfits in PUBG Mobile. High luck is required to get the outfit, and once you get the outfit, you also need materials to upgrade it to unlock all its features. So it’s a very expensive and luck-dependent process, but we have a trick to get the outfit free of charge. Using the below trick, you can easily wear the X-Suit with all its features, including the finish message.

The brand new Marmoris X-Suit will be available from 4th August to 5th October. The first X-Suit with an exclusive glide effect with the Bejeweled Pearl Glider! Players, don’t miss a chance to get the first X-suit with a glider and draw it before 5th October 2023. Level Infinite is bringing more content in the game very soon.

Follow the Steps to get X-Suit in PUBG Mobile.

Visit the event center of the game and look for the Marmoris X-Suit event. Players need to use UC (in-game currency) to draw the rewards. Draw the rewards using UC until you get the brand-new X-Suit in the game.

The X-Suit is a very popular item in PUBG Mobile, and there are a number of different X-Suits available. Get your hands on amazing outfits with exclusive emotes and abilities. For future updates on PUBG Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile India, keep reading us. We will be bringing more updates and leaks on upcoming content in the game and esports coverage.

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