PUBG Mobile: PMPL Thailand 2022 Fall Finals Day 1 overall standings and highlights

PMPL Thailand Fall Finals Day 1 came to an end (Image via PUBG Mobile)

The three-day Grand Finals of the PMPL Thailand 2022 Fall kicked off today with the top 16 teams from the League Stage, battling it out for the trophy as well as the SEA Championship slots. At the end of today’s six matches, Bacon Time is at the top of the overall leaderboard with 135 points, including 62 bonus points from the League Stage.

With 134 points each, Vampire Esports and The Infinity are in second and third place. FaZe Clan is right behind them in fourth position with 130 points. A total of 12 matches are left in the PMPL Finals, which will be played across the next two days.

PMPL Thailand Fall Finals Day 1 highlights

Overall rankings at the end of Day 1 of PMPL Thailand Finals (Image via PUBG Mobile)
Overall rankings at the end of Day 1 of PMPL Thailand Finals (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Match 1 – Sanhok

Sharper Esports, who barely secured their slot into the Finals, claimed victory in the opening match with three kills. The Infinity, however, topped the match standings with second place and nine eliminations, thanks to nOOzy’s incredible performance. Unfortunately, FaZe Clan did not get off to a good start, collecting just five points. PMWI 2022 champions Vampire Esports were eliminated early on in the match, acquiring only four points.

Match 2 – Miramar

Vampire Esports didn’t take long to find momentum as they won the second match with 13 eliminations. The team’s star player Stoned, who has been in fantastic form recently, picked up five frags. Sharper Esports managed to survive till the very last zone and claimed second position with only one kill, while The Infinity and FaZe scored three and two points, respectively.

Match 3 – Miramar

The third match featured passive gameplay from Valdus Esports, who eventually won the match with three finishes. Bacon Time were in second place with nine kills, while Buriram United Esports came in third with eight eliminations. It was finally a good match for FaZe Clan as they accumulated 15 points.

Individual award rankings after Day 1 of PMPL Thailand Finals (Image via PUBG Mobile)
Individual award rankings after Day 1 of PMPL Thailand Finals (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Match 4 – Erangel

Bacon Time didn’t miss their Chicken Dinner this time, claiming a 7-kill victory in the fourth match of the day. Chillz Esports had an excellent run as they secured second place with 11 eliminations. Both Sharper and FaZe performed well, garnering 18 and 10 points, respectively. Unfortunately, Vampire Esports only scored two elimination points in this match.

Match 5 – Erangel

With 15 eliminations, FaZe Clan displayed dominating gameplay, courtesy of TonyK’s incredible performance. The team used a total of 35 throwables, including 19 smokes and 15 grenades. Vampire Esports claimed second place with 8 kills, while TEM Entertainment was in third with five frags.

Match 6 – Erangel

Team 47, that was in 16th place before the sixth match, managed to bounce back by securing a 11-kill Chicken Dinner that pushed them up to 12th position in the overall standings. KOG Club claimed second place with seven kills, while FaZe and TEM were swiftly eliminated without getting a single point.


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