PUBG Mobile Pro RuLzSR Praises JONATHAN’s Skills and Gameplay

PUBG Mobile Pro RuLzSR Praises JONATHAN's Skills and Gameplay

Professional PUBG Mobile player Subin “RuLzSR” Prajapati, from DRS Gaming, the runner-ups of the 2022 PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC 2022), recently acknowledged the skills and gameplay of another PUBG Mobile player, Jonathan “JONATHAN” Amaral, during a livestream. Despite not having competed against each other yet, RuLzSR praised JONATHAN’s gameplay and acknowledged his talent as one of the best players of the mobile Battle Royale.

DRS Gaming’s RuLzSR acknowledges JONATHAN’s gameplay

JONATHAN is well-known as one of the best players in India and has received recognition from other notable Indian esports players and personalities and was even nominated for the ‘Esports Mobile Player of the Year’ award at the Esports Awards 2022. He has won praise from many fellow competitors including and who have commented that their dream roster move in Indian esports would be to add JONATHAN to S8UL Esports’ lineup. Furthermore, , professional PUBG Mobile player for Godlike Stalwart, also expressed that he believes JONATHAN is the best player in India.

When asked about JONATHAN, RuLzSR stated that he had heard of him. “He is a really good player, and he is a heavy hitter,” he added. RuLzSR expressed that he was impressed by JONATHAN’s skills and gameplay. So far, JONATHAN and RuLzSR have not competed head to head against each other in any PUBG Mobile tournament, which is due to the unavailability of the game in India.


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