PUBG Mobile: Reasons Why AUG Beats M4 Even After the 2.8 Update

PUBG Mobile has always been a game where weapon choices can make or break your chances of victory. With the release of the 2.8 update, one of the most significant changes was the repositioning of the AUG from being a rare AirDrop weapon to a more common world spawn weapon. This alteration has raised questions about the weapon’s effectiveness compared to the ever-popular M416 (M4). Based on a comparison video made by Zendex, we will delve into the stats, performance, and nuances of the AUG and M4 to determine which one comes out on top in this post-update era.

Damage Comparison

Let’s begin with a fundamental aspect: damage. Surprisingly, both the AUG and the M4 have the same base damage. In the past, the AUG boasted a base damage of 43, but it has now been reduced to 41 to align with the M4. In terms of raw damage output, it’s a draw between the two.

Rate of Fire and DPS

The rate of fire or firing speed is a critical factor in weapon performance. When we compare the AUG and M4 side by side, it becomes evident that the AUG has a faster rate of fire. In fact, the AUG outpaces the M4 by approximately 22%, making it a clear winner in this category. This translates to a higher Damage Per Second (DPS) for the AUG, with an impressive 520 DPS compared to the M4’s 426 DPS. This substantial increase in damage output is primarily due to its faster firing rate.

Recoil Control

Effective recoil control is vital for any weapon, especially in fast-paced combat situations. Historically, the AUG was known for its excellent recoil control, partly because it was an AirDrop weapon. However, with the latest update, the AUG received a recoil nerf, with a 20% reduction in vertical recoil and a 10% reduction in horizontal recoil. When we compare the current AUG recoil to that of the M4, they appear quite similar at first glance. However, upon closer analysis, it becomes evident that the AUG has 20% less horizontal recoil, making it easier to control during sustained fire. While the AUG’s vertical recoil is 3% higher than the M4’s, it can still be managed by pulling down on the weapon, making the AUG the superior choice in terms of recoil control.

Hip Fire

Hip fire performance often correlates with a weapon’s recoil characteristics. While further testing may be required to confirm this, it is reasonable to assume that the AUG will exhibit better hip fire accuracy, thanks to its improved recoil control. This represents another significant advantage for the AUG over the M4, even if the difference may not be substantial.

Reloading Speed

Quick reloads are crucial in close-quarters combat, and in this aspect, the M4 takes the lead. It reloads one second faster than the AUG, providing a distinct advantage during intense battles.

Bullet Velocity

Bullet velocity determines how quickly a bullet travels to its target, affecting long-range engagements. Despite the recent nerf, the AUG still outperforms the M4 in this regard, boasting a 900 meters/second velocity compared to the M4’s 880 meters/second. While the difference is only 2%, it can be advantageous in specific situations.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, both the AUG and M4 share the same base damage, but the AUG excels in rate of fire, DPS, recoil control (especially in terms of horizontal recoil), and bullet velocity. On the other hand, the M4 shines in reloading speed, making it ideal for close-quarters engagements.

The 2.8 update has transformed the AUG from a rare AirDrop weapon to a reliable world spawn option. While the M4 remains a popular choice among players, it’s evident that the AUG now surpasses it in various critical aspects of performance. However, player preference and familiarity with the M4 might continue to make it the primary choice for many.

One crucial point to consider is the rarity of the AUG in the world spawn pool. It’s expected to be as scarce as the M24, so encountering either weapon will be a matter of luck. Nevertheless, if you stumble upon the AUG, it’s a clear indication that you should give it a shot and experience the benefits it offers over the M4.

In the end, whether you choose the AUG or M4 depends on your personal playstyle, familiarity with the weapons, and the specific circumstances of each match. PUBG Mobile continues to evolve, and the weapon meta may shift over time, so stay informed and adapt to the changing dynamics of the game.

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