PUBG New State Pro Series Mobile Challenger Day 1: Overall standings, highlights, and more

PUBG New Stage Pro Series Mobile Challenger commenced on January 5 (Image via Nodwin Gaming)

Try Hard had the pole position with 67 points when Day 1 of the PUBG New State Pro Series Mobile Challenger concluded on January 5. The team started their campaign with a Chicken Dinner in the day’s opening match and maintained their momentum until game five. Team S8UL grabbed the second spot with 65 points after acquiring an impressive 14-kill Chicken Dinner in the last game.

Day 1 featured 16 teams from Group A and B competing in a total of five matches. The PUBG New State Mobile Challenger will run for eight days, concluding on January 15. 24 teams from this stage will go to the Finals.

Popular organizations 7SEA, Skylightz, and Team XO had a fantastic day, claiming third, fourth and fifth places on the leaderboard. GodLike, on the other hand, saw a slow start, as the side collected only 36 points. They came eighth. Qualifier Finale topper UDOG India failed to live up to expectations and collected only eight points.

PUBG New State Mobile Challenger Day 1 overview

PUBG New State Mobile Challenger Day 1 overall standings (Image via Nodwin Gaming)
PUBG New State Mobile Challenger Day 1 overall standings (Image via Nodwin Gaming)

Try Hard, with 11 eliminations, clinched the first game held on Erangel. They displayed admirable skill and managed to defeat their opponents in the final circle. Bad Devils and Wanted Gaming collected 18 and 16 points, respectively.

It was Team S8UL who got a 14-kill victory in the second match, accumulating 29 points. Try Hard had another excellent outing in this game. The squad secured 20 points, maintaining their lead on the overall leaderboard after the second game.

Skylightz Gaming managed to secure a 12-frag win in the third match. Kingsman and 7SEA Esports occupied second and third positions in this game, with four and three kills, respectively. The match saw S8UL and Try Hard perform poorly; they were eliminated early on.

7SEA Esports, with 14 eliminations, came out as the winner in the fourth match. Team Tamilas survived until the last circle but only earned a single frag. Team Insane and Reckoning Esports scored 15 and 12 points, respectively, in this game.

In their fifth match, Team S8UL once again claimed a 14-kill Chicken Dinner, earning 58 points in just two games. The squad played aggressively in this match as well, which helped them get the second spot on the overall scoreboard. Team XO and Bad Evil collected 15 and 13 points, respectively.

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