What are redeem codes and what will you get here? 

PUBG NEW STATE REDEEM COUPON CODE: If you already know the use of Redeem code then you can skip this part. 

In PUBG,  players need skins and weapons to compete with other players. Someone with a more powerful gin will rule the game. To help players, PUBG launches redeem codes, with redeem codes you can get skins, find, weapons and vehicles. 

By using redeem codes you can get the premium features for free. All the available items in the code are highly expensive. Redeem codes are like a golden opportunity for players to access those features for free. 

Before we move ahead know what are the new features in PUBE New State. 


What’s new in PUBG: NEW STATE? 

The launch of PUBG: NEW STATE is hyped too much, users are expecting new and advanced features in-game. The new state didn’t disappoint its players. The game came up with a lot of new features and updated graphics. 

  • The game will be launched with a feature where you can see the number of players alive. 
  • The game will have more weapons and guns
  • You will see updated vehicles 
  • Several maps are updated

Till now users are notified about the updates and features. Read the below pointers to know what are some updates in PUBG : 

One of the major disadvantages of redeeming is that you need to be quick to get benefits. The popularity of PUBG makes it difficult for the common user to get redeem codes. 

Things you will get from Redeem codes : 

Redeem codes helps you get a lot of premium stuff for free. To work accordion g to your needs, you will need to know what are the types of codes available in PUBG: NEW STATE


List of items you may get when you successfully redeem the code. 

  • limited edition weapons
  •  coins, 
  • new characters
  • weapon upgrades, and many more

Below is the code for gun skin.  You can use these to get gun skin. Just like the below codes of Gun Skin, all the other things have their different codes. 

Note: Remember to redeem codes that are available for a short period.

To save your time, we are providing you a Redeem Codes gun skins. These are applicable only to get Gun Skin. Keep in mind that codes available here are valid for a limited time.


DDSJJCZCDZ9U (New State AKM skin code)

HTDS78FTU2XJ (New State M416 Gun Skin code)

BDGRAAZBZJGS (New State M416 orange skin code)

P8HZDBTFZ95U (New State M416 skin code)

Q12KARZBZYTR (New State Kar98 Gun Skin code)

For later process, or how to use code. Read the full article and all about


“Where to find PUBG: NEW STATE

REDEEM COUPON CODE” is one of the most common questions users/ players face.  The main reason why people are unable to redeem codes on time is that they lack the information on where to find codes and at times they are applicable. 

You will find a lot of fake websites that claim they provide codes. We came up with three official and trusted sources to find redeem codes. 

1. Official PUBG New State Twitter

One of the most reliable and trusted ways to get codes announced by official PUBG handlers. Your first choice should be Twitter handle for redeeming codes. 

2. Official website

Again, the official website has more codes released periodically to help players increase their balance and diamonds. 

3. YouTube channel

PUBG and Gaming Youtube Channels collaborate to reach a greater audience. This method is also official in which the symbiotic relationship between PUBG and YouTube creators is maintained. 

All the methods mentioned here are official and most trusted ways to get redeem codes as soon as they are released.  All you need to do is to keep an eye on all the handles and make sure to use the code as soon as it is released. 

How to Redeem PUBG New State Codes? 

Whatever we talked about PUBG New State Redeem Coupon Codes are only reliable when users know how to use the code. In most cases, people have no idea how to use codes and apply the offers of the Coupons. 

Don’t worry! 

We are here for you, to Redeem PUBG New State Codes follow the steps given below to redeem the code. 

 Steps to Redeem PUBG New State Codes:

  • Step 1: The first step is going to open the game and click on the ” Store ” button. 
  • Step 2: Now, click on the ADD BONUS / GIFT CODES button and enter the Redeem Code in the blank space provided in the box. 
  • Step 3: Now, click on the ” Redeem ” button. 
  • Step 4: As you will click on the Redemption button. After 24 hours your offer/ deal will be visible in your account. 

The main issue while redeeming the code is the confirmation period. It takes 24 hours, and the dilemma of whether your

order is confirmed or not is going to be a huge problem. 


Now you know how to redeem the codes and how to access the codes. To redeem the code, be updated and use the code as soon as you can.  

Enjoy free stuff by using free stuff!!