PUBG New State Update: Everything about BR: Extreme (64)

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PUBG New State Update: Everything about BR: Extreme (64)- A new mode has been rolled out in PUBG: NEW STATE’s first update of 2022! BR: Extreme (64) is a new way to experience battle royale through intense, 20-minute matches. With only 64 Survivors dropped in an area within Troi and a rapidly shrinking Playzone filled with loot, you can get the best of battle royale and PUBG: NEW STATE all in one mode! Here is everything about BR: Extreme (64).

To celebrate the launch of this new mode, Survivors who play BR: Extreme will be able to earn twice the amount of Tier Points in each match. You’ll be able to earn more Tier Points in this mode compared to BR: Original, so drop into the new game mode, earn more Tier Points, and climb the Season 1 ranked ladder!

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PUBG New State Update: Everything about BR: Extreme (64)

PUBG New State Update: Everything about BR: Extreme (64)

  • BR: Extreme is a new mode set in Troi, where 64 players engage in a fast-paced round of battle royale that lasts for 20 minutes.
  • In this mode, the Playzone is restricted starting from the First Phase. The zone is selected randomly every match.
  • All Survivors will start off with:
    • a P1911 handgun
    • 1 smoke grenade
    • 300 Drone Credits
    • fully-charged boost meters
  • When the match starts, 2 Care Packages will be dropped at random locations.
  • The plane flies across Troi at a lower altitude, so it will take less time for Survivors to land after their jump.
  • Here are some additional features that differentiate BR: Extreme from the original BR mode:
    • More vehicles and items can be found throughout Troi, allowing players to farm more quickly.
    • Delivery drones will arrive faster, allowing players to get their hands on items more quickly.
    • The wait time before a teammate can be redeployed has been shortened to 60 seconds.
  • A 30-second countdown will start if you go outside the Playzone. If you are still outside when the countdown ends, you will be knocked out and eliminated.
  • BR: Extreme is a battle royale mode, so Survivors can earn rewards (BP, Chicken Medals, and Tier Points) and clear Troi Story Missions by playing this mode.

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