Rainbow Six Mobile Release Date: What We Know

The prestigious Rainbow Six Siege franchise had already announced its venture into mobile gaming with a snippet of the mobile version. And now, we have a release date for that. The news has sent ripples of excitement among fans as this tactical shooter game jumps to greet a new variety of players – the mobile phone gamers. 

It will be interesting to see how this free-to-play shooter game performs on mobile phones. The game is likely to be available on mobile devices in August 2023.

Rainbow Six Mobile: Release Date Revealed

Ubisoft, the creator of Rainbow Six Siege, took to Twitter to share a short video regarding the game’s launch on mobile phones and seemingly reveal the release date. Rainbow Six Mobile will seemingly release in August 2023. The game offers a single-player as well as multiplayer gaming experience, both filled with lots of tactics and combat strategies to learn. 

The response to Ubisoft’s announcement has been generally positive as the community gears up to welcome the mobile adaptation. The goal is to retain the core values of the game as it comes to mobile phones for players, while also adding features and altering some existing ones to make the mobile gaming experience smoother and flawless. 

Fans who wish to get an early taste of the game can become part of the mobile beta. The second closed beta phase began on 6th June 2023 and ran for a span of two weeks. While that has ended, a new open beta will be available soon to help creators reach a relatively wider audience and gather community feedback. Similar to the first and second closed beta sessions, this will also be exclusive to select countries. 

Rainbow Six Siege is a free-to-play tactical shooter game that employs strategic combat tactics and offers a unique gaming experience. It is set to captivate both experienced gamers and novices with its brand new mobile version soon.