Rainbow Six Quarantine: What We Want At E3 2021

Since Ubisoft announced Rainbow Six Quarantine at E3 2019, the company has been incredibly quiet about the next entry in the series. At the time, it was described as a squad-based tactical shooter, but nothing else has been shown or said about the game. After being pushed from 2020 to 2021, Ubisoft said during a recent financial earnings call that the game is due out sometime before September 30. Considering the massive popularity of Rainbow Six Siege, it will be interesting to see how Ubisoft promotes this title.

What We Know So Far

Very few details have been confirmed about Rainbow Six Quarantine so far, but we do know a few key details about the game. First and foremost, the game will not be called Rainbow Six Quarantine, as Ubisoft has confirmed it will be changing the title. As mentioned before, we also know that the game is set to release prior to September 30. That said, Far Cry 6 was also supposed to be out before that date but is instead set for October 7, so there is some wiggle room in that release window.

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On top of that, we know that the game is a squad-based tactical shooter and features three-person co-op. The game is supposed to share many gameplay similarities with Rainbow Six Siege, featuring a selection of operators that can be used to fight against some kind of alien/monster type of enemies. When originally announced, it seemed heavily inspired by the limited-time Outbreak mode from Rainbow Six Siege, where teams would fight against alien enemies, but the game may have transformed since that announcement.

What’s Confirmed For E3 2021

Ubisoft Forward, the company’s E3 presentation, is scheduled for Saturday, June 12, at 12 PM PT/3 PM ET. Ubisoft has already laid out what it intends to show at the presentation, including Rainbow Six Quarantine. In the press release, Ubisoft said it will have world premiere gameplay and trailers for the game formerly named Rainbow Six Quarantine.

What We Hope To See At E3 2021

While Ubisoft confirmed gameplay, we want to see a deep dive into it since we have no idea what exactly the game is. It’s not enough to just see a montage of shooting without an explanation of what exactly is happening in the game. It will also be interesting to see just how closely this game ties in with Rainbow Six Siege, since the official reveal included Ela, one of the operators from Siege. It will be interesting to see how many of Siege’s operators make the jump to Quarantine and if any new operators will be made specifically for the game.

We will want to learn more about how this game fits into the overall lore from Rainbow Six Siege and what the origins of the monster enemies are, assuming this new game doesn’t build off the story established in Siege’s Outbreak mode. The game seems like it could tell a really interesting story and provide a unique take on the co-op monster shooter. Plus, it would be great to know if the game only features PvE or if there is some sort of PvP mode.

Lastly, we want to know what the game’s release date and new title are. While we know it is probably releasing in the next few months, it’s nice to have an exact release date to look forward to, especially for a game that has been pushed multiple times since its announcement. On top of that, E3 is all about getting excited for upcoming games, which can be hard to do if you don’t know when the game is coming out. The shooting mechanics of Rainbow Six Siege applied to a Left 4 Dead-style monster co-op game sounds like a match made in heaven, so hopefully, Ubisoft goes all out with information during E3.

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