Rapidoot Does Not Regret Joining ONIC PH Instead of RSG PH

Rapidoot Does Not Regret Joining ONIC PH Instead of RSG PH

ONIC PH claimed its second win against Nexplay EVOS in the second week of the . The Yellow Hedgehogs finished the series with a 2-1 score after a grueling match against the White Tigers. Through a post-match press conference, ONIC PH’s roamer Ralph “Rapidoot” Adrales revealed that he previously joined as a tryout for RSG PH but eventually declined the opportunity to join the squad. He also clarified that he had no regrets about his decision as he believes he will eventually get his own championship title at the right time.

ONIC PH outwits Nexplay EVOS to secure its second win

The new faces of ONIC PH proved they can keep up with the veterans as they pulled off a 2-1 victory against Nexplay EVOS.

After losing the second game, the Yellow Hedgehogs went for a much more disciplined and patient approach. Nexplay EVOS went for a concealed play at the 14-minute mark as it planned to ambush ONIC PH to take the series.

However, the youngbloods were able to anticipate this approach. The Yellow Hedgehogs counterattacked with Kenneth “Nets” Barro’s Wanwan delivering the game-changing Crossbow of Tang outplay to win the three versus four skirmish.

John Paul “H2wo” Salonga’s Hayabusa desperately tried to push the mid turret as compensation for Nexplay EVOS’ upsetting clash but did not have enough time. He was eventually executed by Frince “Super Frince” Ramirez’s Selena to fully wipe out the squad and take the series win.

Rapidoot reveals he previously tried out for RSG PH

Through a post-match conference, Rapidoot shared that he once applied to join RSG PH. While he did pass the tryouts and was offered a slot on the team, he decided to not pursue the opportunity and joined ONIC PH instead.

RSG PH then went on to become the champions of the MPL PH Season 9 and the Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup 2022.

“They [RSG PH] said ‘too bad, you could’ve been an MPL and MSC champion,’ but it’s ok since I’ll get there eventually,” Rapidoot said.

He added that he never had any regrets about choosing ONIC PH over RSG PH. In time, he will have his own championship title. “I decided wholeheartedly that I won’t be claiming that MPL [championship] spot, there will be a day for that,” said the ONIC PH roamer.

ONIC PH is set to go against RSG PH on 21st August at 6:00 PM (PHT). Nexplay EVOS will have a chance to redeem itself against Omega Esports on 26th August at 8:00 PM (PHT).


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