Rav3n Returns To Gaming, Reveals Why She Took a Break

Rav3n reveals that she took a break because of her medical condition

Since the end of 2019, RaV3n has been very inconsistent with her streams on YouTube and completely stopped streaming in early 2020, despite being very popular with fans.

When RaV3n returned to streaming, her viewers asked her why she disappeared for such a long time. Responding to the question, RaV3n revealed that she had been struggling with her health for the past three years. “At the end of 2019, around November December, my health went a little left and right. Not just a little, but a lot,” she said. Following this, she revealed that her health was dire earlier this year. “In March 2022, my condition was super serious. It was so serious that the doctors said that there might be a point where I won’t be able to recover, I won’t be able to live for, like, even one more week,” she said. She added, “At that time, I decided that if everything went right, I would be back to streaming and gaming.”

When RaV3n’s viewers asked her what actually happened to her, she refrained from revealing any more information.

Amid the hiatus, RaV3n was seen playing the RED BULL CAMPUS CLUTCH: Valorant Frag-Out event in February 2021. Moreover, she also did a couple of livestreams after that event. However, her health started to get worse after a few days. As a result, she had to take another break. RaV3n said, “I took a break of two years for that, and in that time period, I recovered; all my symptoms were cured.” She added, “After that, I started streaming again, but after seven days, my condition got even worse. So, then I decided to take another break.”

RaV3n stated, “I am still not completely out of the risk, but I am much, much better.”


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