Realme 8 pro price Philippines 2022

Realme 8 pro price Philippines

Realme 8 Pro is a dual sim card phone powered by the Snapdragon 720G Soc with 8 Gb of Ram and about 128 GB of internal storage, in which 16 Gb is already been used and the remaining is for your use. The handset set has a wide screen of 1080*2400, 409pi with a fingerprint sensor, and there are two slots for the SIM and one for the Micro SD Card.

All these features come under the 279 for a single piece. It takes time to understand the new model and the features. To solve your issues, here is a list of the features that you should know about. We will discuss all the features of the Realme 8 pro and what’s new in the handset.

Realme 8 pro price Philippines
Realme 8 pro price Philippines

Realme 8 pro cost ₱279 per piece in Philippines. The phone has several features and functions worth investing this amount into the mobile.

Here is a review of Realme 8 pro!

Realme 8 Pro has several new features as compared to Realme 7 pro.

Let’s start with the Look and display!

Realme 8 Pro has a bold and bright look with a metallic gradient. The back of the mobile is soft and sleek. Also, there is the name of the phone is written in bold fonts. The back cover is resistant to water, that is, the back cover has all the properties to protect the mobile from any kind of damage. The body is quite good.


The display has changed little, the screen of 6.4’ Super Amoled, 1080p with 60HZ refresh rate. Yes, the phone came with the new update. The screen is more responsive than the previous Realme 7 pro.

The handset is perfect for gaming. If you are into gaming, then you should try the Real me 8 Pro. The display is the same with a few updates and modifications.

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Realme 8 pro price Philippines

The handset has an amazing display with good color and contrast features. All the display properties are the same as the improvements. You will see there are additional features in every property.  

Overall, Real 8 pro has a pretty magnificent display. Screen response rate is improved along with the color, contrast, and the other settings.

Sound System

In Realme 8 Pro, the audio system is the same as the previous one. Instead of adding features to improve the sound quality, developers removed some of the excellent features. The previous version has a better sound system. The audio quality is average and all the other features are moderate. Also, all sound features are average.  

Real me 8 Pro has a fingerprint sensor to unlock the phone. The sensors are highly responsive and it’s easy to unlock the phone. It’s quick, fast, and time-saving features.

Till now, the conclusion is that all the features are the same with minor improvements. There are no modifications in sound, but the display has been improved. Also, you will find a response rate as one of the new and effective features.

We already covered the Display, Sound, fingerprint options, and body of the Realme 8 Pro. Now, we will look at performing the Handset.

Realme 8 Pro has several features that will enhance your performance. One of the most attractive features is the customizable features. You can change the icon, and switch to dark mode. Also, there are three modes.

There are multiple features worth trying. Another new feature is in the sidebar. There is a new option that is the sidebar same as the Samsung Galaxy phones. You will have other features too that you should try.

Let’s talk about the Hardware! Realme 8 Pro has Snapdragon 720G, 6/8 GB RAM,  8 GB is considered fast and performance is smooth. Mobile with the hardware functionality of this much is pretty good for gaming. If you are a gamer, then you should try the phone. RAM and the increased responsive rate features are both suitable for gamers. You should try.

Mostly, people buy a phone for camera quality Realme 8 Pro has a camera of 108 (main, f/1.9, PDAF) + 8 MP (UltraWide, f/2.3) and 2MP (macro, f/2.4) + 2MP (B& w, f/2.4). There are three cameras. The main camera is amazing, and the photos captured are decent. Phots taken from the main camera are life photos with gentle noise reduction.

The selfie camera has good color contrast and takes detailed images. Also, the images captured are good and detailed enough with excellent contrast. Pictures are rich.

Overall, Realme 8 Pro is decent for the mid-range price range. It’s suitable if you are looking for multiple features on the same phone. This is the best choice. It’s easy to handle, battery life is good with the super-fast charging. Although most of the features are the same as the Realme 7 pro. Also, there is some mobile in the market which excels in feature within the same price range.  

As you can see, the Realme 8 pro price of the Philippines is worth the investment for its price. And the camera quality is enhanced, while other features are improved, but almost the same.