Red Bull Campus Clutch 2022: In Conversation with Team Villianous member Gaurang Yadav, one of the India Winners


Red Bull Campus Clutch 2022 is one of the biggest competitions at the college level on a global scale. Over 5000 teams participate in the qualifiers to reach the playoffs stage. Here, the creme de la creme from the world battle it out while representing their country on this platform.

The finals for Red Bull Campus Clutch 2022 are currently underway in Sao Paulo, Brazil. India qualified for the competition and Team Villainous represented the country in the 2022 edition. Unfortunately, they lost in the group stage with a score of 1-4, but they are sure that they will get back up and be ready for the next edition. Team Villainous comprises the following players:

  • Gaurang S. Yadav
  • Saksham Aurangabadkar
  • Aditya Vijaysinh Kajari
  • Kasif Sayyed
  • Tanmay Verma

We got a chance to quiz one of the members of Team Villainous, Guarang Yadav. It is worth noting that this conversation took place before the group stage matches. Here’s how the conversation went:

Q. How was it participating in Red Bull Campus Clutch after participating in events like India Today League Valorant Cup and Penta Esports Invitational?

A. It was a great experience facing off against the best collegiate team in India and now we are excited to face the best collegiate teams across the globe.

Q. How has Red Bull helped the gaming scene and you all? What has Red Bull done for you and the community in terms of gaming and esports?

A. Red Bull has hosted multiple events which helps the deserving and talented players to get recognition and opportunities which improved them as an individual.

Q. How is the gaming community in India today and how has it evolved over the years in your eyes?

A. Previously we used to see the same teams competing against each other but over the years I could say that young talents have been emerging here in India and have a crucial role in their teams.

Q. A recent report from Niko Partners revealed that the Indian Gaming market is dominated by 98.8% of Mobile gamers. Could you share your thoughts around this stat?

A. Things might change and there might be an increase in the percentage of pc gamers as compared to mobile gamers but as far as esports scene is concerned, we should support all types of gamers in order to enhance the Indian esports environment.

Q. You all will be representing India in São Paulo, Brazil. What are your expectations from fans from our country?

A. We all are super excited to represent India at Sao Paulo, Brazil. We’ve been prepping well enough for this tournament and we are pretty much confident. One message to the fans would be –
Do follow your passion, but never get off track when it comes to your academics or something what you want do primarily.

Q. What do you think the gaming community needs from major stakeholders such as Red Bull and Game developers to take gaming to the next level?

A. Gaming community in India needs big tournaments through which they get recognition and regional-level tournaments through which players would get an opportunity to play internationally and represent their region/nation.


Q. Riot has started things with a bang in India including launching the first Indian agent in Valorant. What are your wishes from the game publisher for 2023?

A. What they are doing is really an amazing thing, they know how to get specific regions attraction and by launching an Indian agent helped them to get more recognition all over India as I’ve seen articles being published on newspapers, news channels and magazines

Q. According to you, what does the future hold for gaming in India?

A. Gaming community in India needs big tournaments through which they get recognition and regional-level tournaments through which players would get an opportunity to play internationally and represent their region/nation.

Q. A Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) partnered slot is the goal for any Valorant squad out there. Could you share anything about the long-term plans to aim for the next set of slots considering what Global Esports achieved earlier this year?

A. Players should have Consistency, social presence and many more things when it comes to franchising slots. Taking an example of GE what I feel is – It is a combined effort of players and organization.

Red Bull Campus Clutch 2022 In Conversation with Team Villianous

Q. What was your favorite game of 2022 apart from Valorant of course and what game are you all looking forward to?

A. Apart from valorant I’ve played few multiplayer story mode games like “A Way Out” and “It Takes Two” in 2022 which I loved. No plans for switching to any other game anytime soon.

Editor’s Note: Red Bull India team provided access to Gaurang from Team Villainous for this interaction.


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