Redfall: Arkane Studios Reportedly Internally Delays the Game Again by Six Weeks

It seemed like 2022 would have been the ‘IT’ year for Xbox, with the release of several exclusives like Bethesda’s Starfield. However, several delays for the title and many others have caused the Microsoft-owned brand to delay their celebrations until next year.

While we don’t know when Starfield will arrive, it’s safe to assume that Bethesda will release the space title sometime next year. Moreover, it seemed like Arkane Studios’ Redfall would launch sometime in March. But those plans have now been foiled as well.

According to popular insider Okami Games, the first-person co-op shooter title has been delayed again. Okami stated that the game has been postponed internally at Arkane Studios by six weeks. It looks like Arkane Studios intend to release the game sometime in early May, which is a long way off from its original launch window of Summer 2022.

With the game announced to release sometime during the first half of 2023, fans might not be that disappointed with the prospects of seeing Redfall in May. However, continuous delays may point out a larger issue of another impending delay that might push the game into the latter half of the coming year.

In the end, fans will just have to cross their fingers and hope for the best when it comes to Arkane’s first title since 2021’s Deathloop.


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