Regaltos to Finally Make an Official Comeback in BGMI Esports

Parv “Regaltos” Singh, a popular S8UL Esports streamer and content creator, is set to make his official comeback in the Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) esports scene. After taking a break from competitive gaming to focus on streaming and content creation, Regaltos was previously spotted playing in competitive scrims under a secret identity. While fans eagerly awaited his return, the revelation of his participation in scrims under a different name added to the excitement.

Regaltos to Play Nodwin Gaming’s Champions Cup

Fans have been eagerly awaiting Regaltos’ return to BGMI esports since the game’s return after a nine-month hiatus. Initially, the disclosure of Regaltos’ secret identity came up during a livestream hosted by Lokesh “Goldy” Jain, co-founder of S8UL Esports. name or the scrims that Regaltos was playing but confirmed that the player had been participating anonymously. Later, when Nodwin Gaming uploaded a spot on Instagram and used Parv’s image fans started speculating that he would be making an official return. Regaltos was then seen playing under the name VTExPeak. Under this name, he is speculated to have played some scrims and tournaments and will continue to play Champions Cup with Team Veterans.

The anticipation reached new heights when Regaltos himself confirmed his participation in the tournament during one of his streams. However, this time, he revealed that he would be playing under his own name instead of an alternate alias, as he had previously hinted. His decision to compete directly under his renowned gaming identity has further heightened the excitement surrounding his participation in the Champions Cup.

Talking about the Champions Cup, the player said, “Yes, I will play all the matches. I’ll try my best.

Scheduled to begin on 21st June, the Champions Cup will showcase 32 teams over twelve days of intense BGMI tournament action. With a significant prize pool of INR 27,00,000, the event is expected to draw a large audience of enthusiastic fans. Regaltos’ presence in the tournament adds an extra layer of hype and intrigue.

The teams that are participating in the Champions Cup include

  1. Blind Esports

  2. Team Soul

  3. Team VST

  4. Gods Reign

  5. Reckoning Esports

  6. OR Esports

  7. WSB Gaming

  8. Orangutan Gaming

  9. Team Tamilas

  10. Team Gladiators

  11. Team Xspark

  12. 8Bit

  13. Team Enigma Gaming

  14. 7Sea Esports

  15. GodLike Esports

  16. Medal Esports

  17. Revenant Esports

  18. Global Esports

  19. Hyderabad Hydras

  20. Velocity Gaming

  21. TWOB

  22. Gujrat Tigers

  23. Team Insane

  24. Team Veterans

  25. True Rippers

  26. Team Psyche

  27. Team Avii

  28. Rivalry Esports

Fans await Regaltos’s comeback and want to see him regain his original form. They will be waiting for his performance in the Champions Cup.