Reliance JioCloudGames: Support Exec Confirms the Arrival of Nvidia GeForce Now to India

Reliance Jio understands the value of gaming in the Indian market and is working towards bolstering it hold over the industry. The company’s new cloud gaming service, JioGamesCloud has just reached its beta testing mode and is offering eligible players 50 games to try out. Players will be able to try out the likes of Saints Row IV, Ben 10 and more on multiple platforms including TVs, smartphones, and desktop.

Recently, through a Discord server chat, we have been informed that JioGamesCloud could be partnering up with Nvidia GeForce Now. One of the JioGamesCloud Support Staff members mentioned on the Discord server about a new partnership between the two. When asked about the timeline surrounding this partnership, another user that is testing the service stated that we could see this in action as early as January 2023. Check out the screenshot below:

This is not the only source that points towards this partnership. Recently, a user posted a screenshot on r/IndianGaming subreddit that seemingly confirms this collaboration. The post featured u/not_dhvit’s screenshot of their Jio Set top-box at the homepage for JioGames, which clear states on the top right of the screen that it is powered by Nvidia GeForce Now. Check out the reddit post below:


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