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Renzo is a strategy manager and liquid restaking token provider for both EigenLayer and Symbiotic. Renzo’s $ezETH and $pzETH serve as the interface to the EigenLayer and Symbiotic ecosystems, respectively. The mission of Renzo is to secure Actively Validated Services by restaking and offer a higher return than just ETH staking.

Eigen Layer

Eigenlayer makes it easy for innovators to collaborate with Ethereum’s stakers and node operators. It enables multiple parties who do not trust each other to work together and create something meaningful. Eigenlayer essentially grants a simple way to utilize Ethereum’s ‘decentralized trust’ module, which promotes open innovation. This eliminates the need for protocols to develop their validator set and allows them to access Ethereum’s computing and financial resources easily.

Functionality Explained

Renzo Protocol is a layer over EigenLayer that users can interact with to abstract away the complexities of the protocol. The smart contracts are set up in a way to allow delegation to multiple Operators in EigenLayer and also allow users to deposit Native ETH and LSTs. When a user deposits native ETH, it is staked via an Ethereum Beacon chain validator node. The native ETH is held in the DepositQueue contract until the 32 ETH minimum is met. Once the minimum is met, the ETH is sent directly to the Beacon Chain Deposit Contract and the withdrawal credentials are pointed at the EigenPod in EigenLayer. This allows the ETH to earn staking rewards and also contribute to securing AVSs in EigenLayer, as shutting down the validator node would give the EigenPod the ability to withhold some of the ETH in case a slashing event occurred. The deposited ETH earns both Ethereum validator rewards and EigenLayer AVS rewards for the protocol.

Coin Website:
Total Supply of Tokens: 10,000,000,000 REZ
Protocol: Ethereum

Long Term Price Prediction

Presented below is a long term price prediction table that was made using available market and coin information to predict possible future peaks and low points in this assets price. Flizzyy offers informational price predictions and not financial investment advice.

Year Est. Min. Price Est. Max. Price
2024 0.043$ 0.271$
2025 0.075$ 0.363$
2026 0.086$ 0.426$
2027 0.117$ 0.498$
2028 0.176$ 0.564$
2029 0.261$ 0.772$
2030 0.476$ 1.063$
2035 0.809$ 2.580$


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