Return of Free Fire MAX Rampage Hyperbook: Check Rewards, Diamonds Required, and Beyond

The highly coveted Rampage Hyperbook has made a grand comeback in the in-game store, offering an array of exclusive collectibles for those who missed out on it previously.

Unlock Rewards with Special Tokens

To unlock the precious rewards concealed within the Rampage Hyperbook, you’ll need to acquire special tokens. These tokens will grant you access to various pages, each holding a unique surprise, including a backpack, grenade, Gloo Wall, emote, gun skin, and more. The chance to possess these rare cosmetics is finally within your grasp!

The Long-Awaited Return to the Indian Server

Originally introduced as a top event reward in 2022, the Rampage Hyperbook has finally returned to the Indian server of Free Fire MAX after a year of anticipation. However, do bear in mind that the journey towards acquiring these exclusive items will not be free. To gain access to the rewards, diligently collect the Rampage Hyperbook tokens.

Exclusive Items Await!

Your quest to possess the extraordinary items begins with the following enticing offerings:

  • Hybrid Explosion Backpack on Page 1

  • Grenade – Hybrid Explosion on Page 2

  • Hybrid Explosion Loot Box on Page 3

  • Gloo Wall – Electro Burn on Page 4

  • Katana – Hybrid Explosion on Page 5

  • Thompson – Hybrid Explosion on Page 6

  • Chronicles of the Sword on Page 7

  • Gloo Wall – Cloud of Fear at the Secret Page

Steps to Acquire the Rampage Hyperbook

Feeling eager to commence your treasure hunt? Let’s guide you through the process of obtaining the Rampage Hyperbook in Free Fire MAX:

Step 1: Enter the game’s store section by clicking on the “Store” icon situated on the left side of the screen.

Step 2: Under the “Normal” tab, opt for the “Collection” button.

Step 3: Spot the Rampage Hyperbook and initiate the purchase by pressing the designated button. Confirm the transaction by utilizing diamonds, and voilà! The Rampage Hyperbook shall be yours!

To unlock the initial seven pages, you must utilize the acquired tokens found within the special Lab section. However, be prepared to expend approximately 5000-6000 diamonds to possess the complete Rampage Hyperbook and relish all the exclusive rewards it conceals.