Revenant Esports Signs Ayush is Live, Emperor Plays, and Bitty

Revenant Esports Signs Ayush is Live, Emperor Plays, and Bitty

Revenant Esports, the renowned gaming organization, has recently made a significant move by signing three popular content creators for their roster. Revenant Esports Founder and CEO Rohit Jagasia expressed his excitement about the new signings and the organization’s long-term vision. He stated, “We at Revenant Esports aim to become Asia’s leading esports organization by expanding our reach across various avenues.” The new signings include Ayush ‘Ayush is live’ Shukla, Vipul ‘Emperor Plays’ Agarwal, and Prasad ‘Bitty’ Joshi, bringing their combined social media following of over 1 million fans.

Revenant Esports Embraces Diversity, signs three new Content Creators

Prior to joining Revenant Esports, all three creators were affiliated with the well-known Hydra clan, gaining fame through their captivating content centered around games like Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG Mobile) and Battleground’s Mobile India (BGMI). However, due to the current unavilablity of both these popular titles, the creators decided to diversify their content offerings, exploring new avenues to engage their audiences.

, also known as Born to Snipe (BTS), boasts an impressive subscriber count of over 396K on YouTube. He has expanded his streaming repertoire to include various PC titles like Valorant. In addition, Bitty has embraced vlogging, giving his viewers a glimpse into his daily life. , with a dedicated subscriber base of more than 300K, and has remained connected with his audience through BGMI, ensuring they continue to be entertained and engaged. He has also experimented with other types of content while occasionally vlogging to provide a more personal touch. , renowned for his popular YouTube channel with over 311K subscribers, has tapped into the rising popularity of GTA RolePlay and Valorant. Like his fellow creators, Emperor Plays has also dabbled in vlogging, providing his viewers with a mix of gaming and lifestyle content.

“Just as we strive to identify and support up-and-coming esports talents, our goal with our content creator lineup is to nurture and assist creators on their journey to excellence. In addition to supporting their individual content, we are eager to collaborate with them to develop new content IPs for Revenant Esports. This is only the beginning, as we have plans to onboard more creators in the near future,”  said Jagasia in a release.

As Revenant Esports moves forward with its new signings, fans eagerly anticipate the new and exciting content that will be produced by these talented individuals under the organization’s banner. Furthermore, with the potential return of BGMI, there is added anticipation to see what these creators will bring to the table. 


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