Riot announces VALORANT TDM Mode with three maps,All Details

VALORANT TDM Mode is a new 5v5 deathmatch mode where players can respawn instantly and choose their loadout. The first team to reach 100 kills wins. The mode is available on three new maps and features weapon spawners, recovery orbs, and ultimate orbs.

Team Deathmatch is a new 5v5 game mode in Valorant. It is available starting June 27, 2023, with Patch 7.0. In VALORANT TDM Mode, you and your teammates will compete against an enemy team in one of three new maps. The goal is to be the first team to reach 100 kills.

There are four timed stages in each match. During each stage, you will respawn every 1.5 seconds. There is no economy in Team Deathmatch, so you will always have access to your loadout. You can choose your loadout at the start of the match or anytime you are in the spawn room. Your loadout will automatically upgrade with each new stage.

There are also weapon spawners located around the map. These spawners will contain different weapons in each match. Weapons from the spawners will have limited ammo and will be destroyed when they run out.

In addition to weapons, there are also recovery and ultimate orbs located around the map. Recovery orbs will restore your health and shield, while ultimate orbs will charge your ultimate ability. Abilities will recharge over time once depleted. Different abilities take different amounts of time to recharge.

  • Weapon Spawner
    • Placed around the map are Weapon Spawners in fixed locations with weapons up for grabs. Be sure you and your team are the first to reach them.
    • Weapons from the Weapon Spawner can potentially be different each match. These weapons are stage-specific, and upgrade as the match progresses.
    • Weapons from the Weapon Spawner can be destroyed with (G) or whatever your drop weapon keybind is. Once destroyed, you will return to your loadout weapon.
    • Weapons taken from Weapon Spawners will have limited ammo and will also be destroyed when they run out.

After dying, you will respawn in the safety of your team’s spawn room. When you respawn, you will gain a buff that protects you from damage and abilities for 15 seconds. After 15 seconds, you will start to take damage from staying in spawn.

The mode comes with three maps – PIAZZA, DISTRICT, AND KASBAH

Team Deathmatch is a great way to warm up for competitive matches or to practice your skills. It is also a lot of fun! So what are you waiting for? Jump into Team Deathmatch and start racking up those kills!

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