Road to Valor: Empires – All You Need to Know About Structures

Road to Valor: Empires - All You Need to Know About Structures

Krafton’s Road To Valor: Empires is an exciting and challenging mobile game that requires strategic thinking and careful planning from the players. Guardians and battle units from different factions are a big part of the gameplay in this real-time player-versus-player [PvP] strategy battle game. Players can compete against opponents from around the globe while commanding mythical gods, beasts, and legendary heroes on the battlefield. As players summon these units, they fight on the battlefield for control by taking down structures or buildings.

Structures are crucial to Road to Valor: Empires since players essentially win games by saving their buildings and destroying the opponent’s structures. Here’s all you need to know about the structures that you see on the battlefield.

Structures in Road to Valor: Empires

Once you’ve assembled your garrison with a Guardian and your eight-unit army, you can load into battle to fight your opponent. Your deck will have unique mythical creatures, buildings, siege units, attacks, and more. 

On the battlefield, you will first see your Guardian on the left bottom with their spells on the side. To the right, you will see cards that you can summon. Know that these spells have cooldowns and mana points (MPs). 

On top of the battle unit cards, you will see what card you have coming up next and also the round’s timer. Each round lasts for three minutes. It is very important to understand the time limit and your structures to win in Road to Valor: Empires.

The structures that you see on the battlefield in the center of your screen are:

The structures that you find on the bottom of the screen in color blue are your structures and the ones on top in red are the enemy’s buildings. All three buildings/structures have separate hit points. When the troops charge the battlefield, they kill enemy troops and advance to deal damage to the towers and HQ to destroy them. Each battle lasts three minutes long. If you destroy the enemy HQ within the first three minutes, you immediately win the battle.  

Here’s where things get interesting. Players are given 2-minute-long overtime at the end in case both sides have destroyed the same number of guard towers. During this extra time, the first team that ends up destroying one more structure will win the game. However, if neither side is able to destroy an extra building, the match is drawn.


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