Road to Valor: Empires – What Are Faction Effects?

Road to Valor: Empires - What Are Faction Effects?

Guardians and battle units make up a huge part of the gameplay in Road to Valor: Empires, a real-time player-versus-player [PvP] strategy battle game from the house of Krafton. Players can compete against opponents from around the globe while commanding mythical gods, beasts, and legendary heroes on the battlefield. 

Players command hero units called “Guardians” alongside an army of their choice.  The Guardian will lead the eight-unit army in the battle and you will have the option to choose your Guardian from a list of 12 heroes. For your army, you will choose eight units and you have the choice of over 60 units across four factions. The factions themselves are as important as the characters you have on your deck.

Each faction in Road to Valor: Empires has a unique effect that will impact all the battle units in your deck. Here’s everything you need to know about faction effects in the game.

Factions and faction effects in Road to Valor: Empires

Firstly, you need to understand the different factions available in the game. The four civilizations or factions in Road to Valor: Empires are as follows: 

Each one of these civilizations offers three Guardians for the players to choose from. Likewise, apart from the main Guardians, every faction has numerous battle units consisting of ranged, melee, and other types of warriors and fighters.

We will see what the faction effects are first and then later understand how they affect the battle units. Here are the faction effects:

1. Roman

Your deck must include: Roman Guardian, 3 or 5 Roman units

2. Persian

Your deck must include: Persian Guardian, 3 or 5 Persian units

3. Norman

The deck must include: Norman Guardian, 3 or 5 Norman units

4. Japan

The deck must include: Japanese Guardian, 3 or 5 Japanese units

For example, if you are playing Caesar, you are running a Roman faction. Therefore you need to make sure that you have three or five Roman units on the deck to unlock the above-mentioned statistics.

To make things easier to understand, let us say you go for Legion Spearman, Ballista, and Spartacus in your deck. In this case, you will have an HP increase of 5%. Note that the three or five units can be anything and do not have to be the ones that this guide has mentioned.

On the Garrison tab of your game, you will have to click on your deck setup. Now, you will see the Guardian and the battle units you are currently running. Below the battle units, you will notice a small icon with two flags on it. Click on this flag icon to learn more about the faction effects in Road to Valor: Empires.


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