Roles in CODM: All You Need to Know

Roles in CODM (Call of Duty: Mobile) are important in a competitive match. Players who are serious about winning will most likely specialize in a specific role and contribute to the team’s victory. To maximize your effectiveness on the battlefield, it’s essential to understand the different roles in CODM and study your AAR (After Action Report) after each match. While there are many sub-roles in the game, there are four staple main roles that players need to learn before diving into the more complex part of the game’s mechanics. Mastering the different roles in CODM will help players transition into more complex playstyles as they improve and climb the rank ladder in the game.

What are the roles in CODM?

There are four main roles in the game – Slayer, Anchor, Support, and Objective. Each role has its own specialization that can contribute heavily to whether a team wins a match or not;


The Objective role focuses on capturing and defending key objectives on the map. These players prioritize objectives such as capturing flags or holding designated areas. They excel at close-quarter combat and often use shotguns or submachine guns to swiftly eliminate enemies and secure objectives. Objective players play a pivotal role in CODM in terms of securing victory by actively pushing forward and ensuring the team’s control over critical positions.


The Slayer role is all about dealing damage and eliminating enemy players. These players have exceptional aim and reflexes, and they thrive in aggressive engagements. Slayers use assault rifles or submachine guns to engage enemies at medium to close range. Their primary objective is to maintain map control by aggressively pushing forward and clearing out enemy positions. Slayers are crucial in creating openings for their team and disrupting the enemy’s plans.


Anchors provide stability and defensive support to the team. They hold strategic positions and prevent enemies from advancing by maintaining control over specific areas of the map. Anchors use long-range weapons such as sniper rifles or tactical rifles to engage enemies from a distance. Their role is to provide cover fire, gather information about enemy movements, and hold down crucial map positions. Anchors play a crucial role in maintaining map control and denying the enemy team’s advancement.


The Support role focuses on providing utility and assistance to the team. Support players use weapons such as light machine guns or assault rifles to suppress enemies and provide cover fire. They often carry equipment like smoke grenades or flashbangs to disrupt enemy lines and provide tactical advantages. Support players also excel at assisting teammates by providing recon information, healing, or reviving fallen allies. Their versatility and ability to adapt to various situations make them invaluable assets to the team.

Understanding and specializing your chosen role in CODM is essential for an effective team composition and strategy. Each role brings unique strengths and contributions, and a well-balanced team with players in each role increases the chances of success. Whether you prefer capturing objectives, slaying enemies, anchoring positions, or providing support, mastering your chosen role in CODM and working cohesively with your teammates will lead to triumph on the battlefield.