Rooter x NODWIN BGMI Champions Cup 2023 Day 4 Highlights: Match Recap, Overall Standings

Match wise Recap of Day 4 of Rooter x NODWIN BGMI Champions Cup 2023

Match 1: The day commenced with an exhilarating Sanhok game, characterized by a nail-biting finale rife with clever snake trades within the final zone. Amidst the tension, it was Infinity from Team Enigma Forever who displayed unwavering composure, ultimately emerging victorious and securing a crucial win for his team. However, it was Vexe who truly stole the spotlight, delivering an awe-inspiring performance with a staggering 8 solo eliminations, rightfully earning the esteemed MVP title with a remarkable 73% contribution to the team’s elimination count. Nevertheless, the real impact on the overall leaderboard came from the impressive displays of Blind Esports and 7Sea Esports, as they notched up 16 and 15 points respectively, further solidifying their positions.

Match 2:The stage was then set for the underdogs to shine in the subsequent Erangel match, where Undergods and WSB Gaming engaged in an intense 3v3 showdown. Ultimately, it was Undergods who emerged victorious, clinching the game. However, it was team Blind once again who left with broader smiles, as they showcased their dominance by securing another outstanding 16-point game, accompanied by an impressive tally of 14 eliminations.

Match 3: In a surprising turn of events, Rivalry astounded onlookers by achieving a resounding victory with eight eliminations in the third round. Team Insane and Hyderabad Hydras accumulated 15 and 11 points respectively, while GodLike Esports, for the third consecutive match, only managed to secure a single point.

Match 4: Exhibiting relentless aggression throughout the fourth game, Team Insane emerged triumphant with an impressive 14 kills, earning themselves a substantial Chicken Dinner. Led by BGMI professional Robin, Gods Reign amassed 18 points with 14 eliminations. Despite an early elimination, OR Esports still managed to secure eight kills.

Match 5: Making a remarkable comeback, Genxfm clinched their second Chicken Dinner with four eliminations. However, Velocity Gaming dominated the match scoreboard with an impressive 15 points. Team XSpark, after facing disappointment in previous games, fiercely fought in the fifth match and accumulated 15 points, including 10 eliminations.

Match 6: In the final round of Day 4, Entity Gaming, formerly known as Team VST, emerged victorious with nine eliminations. BGMI star Spower delivered an incredible performance with eight kills, significantly contributing to Blind Esports’ acquisition of 18 points. Team Gladiators secured 17 points, whereas Team Soul only managed to earn a single point.