RRQ Akira Takes Down Fan-Favorite Squad The Valley in the M4 World Championship

RRQ Akira took down one of the fan-favorite teams in the M4 World Championship with a massive kill advantage. The Brazilian squad of RRQ Akira won the match with a large number of kills while the North American (NA) team, The Valley only got a few kills. RRQ Akira redeemed itself after its lackluster performance back in the M3 World Championship, when the team was still playing under Keyd Stars. The squad will be facing S11 Gaming Argentina before scores are finalized to decide who will secure an upper bracket slot in the M4 World Championship Knockout Stage.

RRQ Akira stomps The Valley by a large margin

RRQ Akira was able to lock in Joy, one of the meta heroes in the current patch. The squad paired her with staple picks like Xavier, Benedetta, Claude, and Lolita. The Valley opted for a durable lineup with Lapu-Lapu, Mathilda, Fredrinn, Karrier, and Faramis.

The Brazilian squad secured the first Turtle at the 3-minute mark, but The Valley was able to take a slight gold lead and equalized the kill count with 1-1. However, the North American squad fell apart at the 4-minute mark as it tried to steal a Turtle and failed. RRQ Akira’s Arthur “Tekashi” Nascimento was able to spearhead the squad to a seven-kill lead and took the first EXP Lane turret at the 7-minute mark.

A massive wipeout in favor of RRQ Akira occurred at the 10-minute mark, pushing The Valley into a much more disadvantageous position. The NA squad had to give up all of its outer base turrets due to the overwhelming pressure from the Brazilian squad. RRQ Akira scored another Lord at the 13-minute mark, followed by a four-man pick-off, allowing the Brazilian squad to close the match with a massive victory.

RRK Akira finished with 18 kills while The Valley only scored 6 kills throughout the match. The Brazilian squad shall face S11 Gaming Argentina on 4th January 2023.


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