RRQ Disbands Thailand PUBG Mobile Team Roster


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One of the most popular PUBG Mobile teams in South East Asia (SEA), Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) lets go of its Thailand team roster. The team had been struggling to find its momentum in various esports events. This forced the organization to disband the Thailand division of its PUBG Mobile team and release its pro players. Another reason that RRQ stated is that the new regulation now forbids organizations to own more than one PUGB Mobile team. RRQ had two teams namely RRQ RYU and RRQ Thai Division. The organization has decided to retain RRQ RYU as their main team for PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile RRQ Thai division officially disbands

RRQ made a huge announcement on 30th Sept 2021, revealing that the organization will be disbanding one of its PUBG Mobile team rosters. The team that has been disbanded was the PUBG Mobile Thai division.

According to the post, the organization felt that the players’ performance was lacking. Most of the member’s contracts were also nearing the end of their term. RRQ also stated that one of the main reasons for the team’s disbandment was the new regulation for esports organizations. The regulation states that each organization can only field one PUBG Mobile team.

RRQ had two PUBG Mobile teams in its name – RRQ RYU and RRQ Athena. The organization has decided to retain RRQ RYU , the Indonesian PUBG Mobile team.

Last February, RRQ had decided to let go of one of its strongest PUBG Mobile teams, RRQ Athena. This happened right after the conclusion of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship PMGC season zero. To honor RRQ Athena’s big achievements, the team decided to no longer use the team name “Athena” and simply called the new team RRQ PUBG Mobile Thai Division. The team went on to participate in various esports competitions but could not deliver a solid performance which led to its disbandment.

RRQ’s Indonesia division in PUBGM, “RRQ RYU” continues to thrive in the PUBG Mobile esports scene in hopes of one day surpassing the achievements of RRQ Athena. RRQ RYU played to the best of their potential and were the champions of the PUBG Mobile Pro League Season 4 2021: Indonesia League stage.

It will be interesting to see if RRQ RYU can achieve the former glory that the RRQ Thai Division once held in the PUBG Mobile esports scene.

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