RRQ Hoshi Improved a Lot Thanks to Coach Arcadia, Says Coach BON CHAN

RRQ Hoshi Improved a Lot Thanks to Coach Arcadia, Says Coach BON CHAN

RRQ Hoshi is one of the fan-favorite teams in the M4 World Championship. The Indonesian (ID) squad won the Fan Choice award in the world series event with a massive 121 million fan votes. While the team remained one of the strongest teams in Indonesia, it is yet to achieve its own world series title. RRQ Hoshi is now fighting for a grand final bid in the lower bracket after falling to the hands of Blacklist International in the upper bracket. 

After defeating one of the powerhouse teams in Indonesia, the defending champion’s head coach Kristoffer Ed “BON CHAN” Ricaplaza claims that the ID team has improved significantly since it acquired one of the best Filipino coaches in the Philippines.

Coach Arcadia was key to RRQ Hoshi’s improvement, claims Coach BON CHAN

Through a post-match press conference, Blacklist International’s head coach shared his thoughts about RRQ Hoshi’s performance in the M4 World Championship. According to BON CHAN, the ID squad has become more formidable since the acquisition of the former ECHO PH coach, Arcadia. 

“I think they improved a lot because, as I’ve mentioned earlier, it’s because of the help of their new coach which is Coach Arcadia,” he said.

The head coach added that Filipinos will always strive for greatness which allowed teams who acquired them to also adopt the Filipino culture.

“You know what will happen if you have a Filipino coach, you noticed what happened to ONIC [Esports], you noticed what happened to RRQ [Hoshi]… I think it’s because of how those Filipino coaches share our winning culture,” Coach BON CHAN explained.

Despite dropping to the lower bracket, RRQ Hoshi remained dominant in its performance as it eliminated the Burmese team Falcon Esports with a 3-2 score. It will be interesting to see if the ID squad will continue to impress its fans and secure its grand finals spot in the M4 World Championship.


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