RRQ R7 Shares the Possibility of Him Retiring Due to Hand Injury

RRQ Hoshi’s iconic EXP Laner and team captain Rivaldi “R7” Fatah revealed that he may have to consider retiring from the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) esports scene soon due to a hand injury. He was a former DOTA 2 pro who transitioned to MLBB and debuted in the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Indonesia (ID) Season 4. Since then, R7 has become one of the most iconic members of RRQ Hoshi and the staple EXP Laner for the squad. However, the pro player recently revealed that he has been experiencing pain in his hands up to his lower elbow which is only remedied by a Smart Massage service. 

RRQ R7 reveals he has a hand injury and may consider retiring soon

EVOS Esports’ Filipino import Gerald “Dlar” Trinchera recently shared that he . Following this, R7 himself revealed that he may consider retiring soon due to a hand injury.

During a livestream by the former EVOS Legends pro player Eko “Oura” Julianto, R7 revealed that he is still unsure if he will be playing for the MPL ID Season 11.

“I don’t know, to be honest, my hand already hurts,” said the iconic RRQ Hoshi EXP Laner.

He further elaborated that he has been experiencing pain from his hand up to his elbow which is only relieved by massaging it. However, he is aware that this is just a temporary relief and he can’t keep doing this forever.

“I swear, in the middle of [my] thumb, on the arm up to the elbow, the lower area hurts,” explained R7. “There is a smart massage, but it’s just not direct and I don’t think you can overuse it either.”

He is not the only veteran pro player who has suffered a hand or arm injury. EVOS Legends’ Gustian “R E K T” previously revealed that he as well, forcing him to skip the National Training for the 31st Southeast Asia (SEA) Games. 

Only time will tell if fans shall get to see R7 play in the MPL ID Season 11 or will someone else take up his mantle as the main EXP Laner for the team.


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