RSG PH Demonkite Shares His Savage Banter With Donkey During MSC 2022

RSG PH’s star Jungler Jonard “Demonkite” Cedrix Caranto shared that he exchanged some words with EVOS Legends’s former pro player Yurino “Donkey” Putra. According to the Jungler, Donkey came up to him asking if they were ready to lose against RRQ Hoshi in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2022 grand finals match. Demonkite clapped back at Donkey’s jibe by expressing that RSG PH would finish with a 4-0 score. This prediction turned out to be true as RSG PH closed the grand finals series with a clean sweep victory against RRQ Hoshi to claim the MSC 2022 championship title.

Donkey taunts RSG PH in the MSC 2022

According to Demonkite’s livestream on 21st June, he and Donkey indulged in some friendly banter behind the scenes before the start of the grand finals match. At that time, RSG PH’s star Jungler was full of energy as the team had hyped itself up for the grand finale of the MSC 2022.

“During the grand finals match I had way too much energy at that time and I was very motivated,” said the star Jungler.

He then tells the story of how Donkey came to RSG PH’s holding area just to taunt the team before the grand finals match.

“When we were interviewed by someone from MSC, this guy Donkey came to us, the [former] EVOS Donkey,” said the star jungler. “He came to our holding area, and after I got interviewed he said ‘Are you guys ready to lose to RRQ?’”

Demonkite then responded with a bold prediction stating “I showed them a 4-0 sign even though there’s a camera in the holding area. We’re not gonna lose to those guys, we’ll retaliate.”

The star Jungler added that he was quite surprised that Donkey had appeared in RSG PH’s holding area just to taunt them. “No one even asked him to go there,” he stated.

Demonkite’s prediction was on point as RSG PH delivered a huge upset against RRQ Hoshi with a 4-0 clean sweep victory to claim the title as the King of Southeast Asia (SEA).


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