RSG PH Win Against ECHO With a Clean Sweep Victory in MPL PH Season 10

RSG PH Win Against ECHO With a Clean Sweep Victory in MPL PH Season 10

The defending champion RSG PH secured another win against the super team ECHO in the fourth week of the . The Raiders made quick work of the renowned super team with a 2-0 clean sweep victory to claim the second spot on the leaderboard. Despite being suppressed by ECHO in the two matches, RSG PH remained resilient and put forth impressive outplays. During a post-match press conference, the team’s head coach Brian “Panda” Lim stated that the squad has been experimenting with different strategies. The coach believes winning against ECHO proved that RSG PH is on the right track.

RSG PH upsets ECHO with a stunning 2-0 win

The defending champion continues to dominate the regular season by scoring another clean sweep victory. While ECHO’s aggressive approach pushed back RSG PH, it was not enough to close the series in the super team’s favor.

The first game of the series saw Dylan “Light” Aaron Catipon struggling to open up potential skirmishes for RSG PH. The fights seemed to go in favor of ECHO but the team could not close the game due to a crucial team fight at the 14-minute mark which led to four of its members being taken down. RSG PH capitalized on the opportunity and rushed mid lane to take the first win.

ECHO could not recover from its surprising loss in the first game as the Raiders spearheaded the second game with a dominant victory. The super team only secured three kills while RSG PH boasted 13 kills to its name to close the series with a clean sweep victory.

Coach Panda is convinced that RSG PH is on the right track

During a post-match press conference, the team’s head coach shared why the team is quite energetic this week. According to him, the squad is just happy with the results of their experimentation and preparations as they head into the playoffs.

“We want to protect the crown that we have. Starting from the bottom and going up to the top, it does show that our hard efforts are showing that what we are doing is right,” stated Panda.

He added that “we are still experimenting with the meta and we still have a lot of things to learn. But at least winning against ECHO today shows that we are on the way to preparing for the playoffs.”

ECHO is set to go up against Blacklist International on 4th September at 8:00 PM (PHT). ECHO will have another chance to redeem itself against Nexplay EVOS on the same day at 6:00 PM (PHT).


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