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S2G and Besiktas Esports qualify for PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2022


S2G and Besiktas Esports confirmed their slots in the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2022 after grabbing first and second positions in the Turkish regional rankings, which was determined based on the total number of points collected in this year’s PMPL spring and fall seasons.

S2G garnered a total of 1658 points while Besiktas Esports was close behind in second place with 1644 points, with both sides obtaining slots in the $4 million mega tournament that starts on November 22. Interestingly, the team also competed in the PMWI 2022 Afterparty.

This year, Tencent allocated two slots for the PMGC from the Turkish regional rankings. 51 teams from across the world will battle it out for the famed trophy and a huge cash prize at the event.

Top 8 teams from Turkey 2022 rankings (Image via PUBG Mobile)
Top 8 teams from Turkey 2022 rankings (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Next Ruya, another popular PUBG Mobile team from Turkey, finished in third place with 1447 points, followed by Fire Flux Esports. Istanbul Wildcats, who won the PMPL Turkey Spring, performed poorly in the fall season, securing eighth place at the finals.

S2G and Besiktas Esports performances’ in 2022 PUBG Mobile Pro League Turkey

PMPL Spring

S2G Esports emerged at the top of the League Stage with 480 points, with the team acquiring fourth place in the Grand Finals with 168 points. Besiktas Esports, with 445 points, placed second in the League Stage, but later claimed third in the Finals.


This event concluded today, with S2G being crowned this season’s champions. They had a dominant showing throughout the contest, claiming second with 782 points in the League Stage and first place in the Grand Finals with 228 points.

Besiktas Esports also had a fabulous start, topping the league standings with 817 points and grabbing second place in the Finals with 207 points.

The top eight teams from the PUBG Mobile Pro League Turkey Fall Finals have now qualified for the European Championship Fall, which features three Global Championship slots.

Qualified teams for PMPL European Championship Fall

The championship consists of eight teams each from PMPL Turkey and PMPL Western Europe, and will be played from October 20 to 23.

  1. S2G Esports
  2. Besiktas Esports
  3. Ozarox Esports
  4. Fire Flux Esports
  5. Good Guys
  6. Surreal Esports
  7. New World Esports
  8. Istanbul Wildcats
  9. MadBulls
  10. HVVP (Ex NAVI)
  12. Unicorns of Love
  13. TJB Esports EU
  14. DE Meutre
  15. Qodex
  16. Pioner

Fire Flux Esports showcased strong resistance in the fall season, but failed to finish in the top two of the overall regional rankings. Next Ruya could not even make it to the PUBG Mobile European championship, even though the team was the winner of the PMGC 2021 League West.

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