S8UL Esports Creators Meet Sidharth Malhotra at Raider Six Launch Event

Starlight Gaming recently partnered with one of India’s largest gaming and content organizations, S8UL Esports, to promote its newly launched battle royale game, Raider Six. The game, specifically made for the Indian audience, gained immense popularity even before its official release.

The collaboration between Starlight Gaming and S8UL Esports aims to leverage the influence and reach of S8UL’s members to ensure a successful launch for Raider Six. The partnership was officially announced on 6th June through an Instagram post

On 11th June, creators from S8UL interacted with Bollywood superstar Sidharth Malhotra for the launch of the new game. The star and some of the IGC’s (Indian Gaming Community) favorite creators including Tanmay “Scout” Singh, Raj “Snax” Varma, Kaashvi “Kaashplays” Hiranandani, Paya “PayalGaming” Dhare, and Gulrez “jokerkihaveli” Khan had a few minutes of photo op where they posed with fake guns.

Starlight Gaming and S8UL Partner to Launch India-Focused Battle Royale Game, Raider Six

Raider Six is a newly launched game available for Android and iOS devices. The game is set in the future and the action takes place in the year 2048. In this setting, traditional energy sources have vanished, and players take on the role of raiders tasked with collecting Element U, a valuable resource, from Area #6—an island inhabited by mutated guardians and soldiers. 

The objective of this battle royale is to amass as much Element U as possible and evacuate using one of the four available helicopters. Only four players can successfully escape the battlefield. The gameplay is enriched by the presence of monsters and unique transportation options such as tanks, horses, and helicopters. The Revival feature allows players to return to the battlefield multiple times, resulting in exhilarating gameplay. It is worth noting that players who pre-register for the game will receive 4000 Element U and an Epic Character Summon as rewards, which can be collected through the in-game mailbox.

Additionally, Raider Six features Indian-style characters and cultural highlights, adding to the appeal for players in India. The game also includes a Royal Pass upon release and other notable features like the Workshop, which offers options for synthesis, smelting, and refitting.

As part of the collaboration between Starlight Gaming and Team S8UL, exclusive in-game content will be created to deliver a unique experience to the expanding Raider Six audience. Several S8UL members are reportedly featured as playable characters in the game.

This collaboration marks S8UL’s second partnership, with the first being with Krafton for the release of Road to Valor Empire in India earlier this year. Raider Six is expected to make a significant impact on the Indian gaming community, as it has already crossed a million downloads.