S8UL Gaming Fest Day 1, A Thrilling Spectacle of Gamers and Fans in Bangalore

The first day of S8UL Gaming Fest in Bangalore concluded with an unforgettable experience, giveaways, meet-and-greet opportunities, and more. Check out the full summary of day 1.

Bangalore, July 29, 2023: India’s vibrant gaming community united for an electrifying start to the highly anticipated S8UL Gaming Fest at the Manpho Convention Centre in Bangalore. The two-day fest, which is organised by S8UL, the nation’s leading Esports organisation, in partnership with the Esports Club, attracted an impressive number of fans who got the opportunity to not only meet their beloved gaming idols but also participate in exciting activities on Saturday.

The gaming enthusiasts were treated to an unforgettable experience, giveaways, meet and greet opportunities with the country’s leading gamers, cosplay competitions with bumper prizes, and exclusive merchandise to lay their hands on. Featuring a plethora of activities, the S8UL Gaming Fest also headlined a highly competitive Valorant tournament.

The tournament witnessed the prominent gamers of S8UL, including SnaxGaming, PayalGaming, Regaltos, 8Bit Mamba, 8Bit Sid, and KrutikaPlays, entertaining fans with a breathtaking display of gaming action. Following the Valorant matchups, the gamers witnessed a live faceoff between notable names Mortal and Scout, who took the excitement to the next level, in an enthralling battle of FIFA amongst themselves.

Notably, the gaming fest, which had free entry for all, enabled fans to immerse themselves in the world of premium gaming experiences with VR and Racing simulators, as well as have chances to try their hands on the latest high-end gaming devices from Lenovo and Intel.

The gaming extravaganza will continue on Sunday too, promising even more fascinating activities for the gaming enthusiasts along with an insightful panel discussion on eSports and Youtube to educate the fans regarding the gaming content creators’ ecosystem and provide them with valuable insights.

In addition to the panel discussions, exclusive tournaments of FIFA, Mortal Kombat, and Valorant will also take place for the fans to relish throughout the day. While the FIFA and Mortal Kombat tournaments were also organised on the first day, offering a prize pool of INR 50,000, the Valorant tournament will boast a lucrative prize pool of INR 2 lakh.

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