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Samsung phones are even better at Bitcoin now

Samsung phones are even better at Bitcoin now

If you’re all into the crypto like the cool kids (I am not, money was hard enough before it was literally made out of math), then you want a Samsung phone. Since the Galaxy S10, they’ve been able to store Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency via encrypted storage in the Samsung Blockchain Wallet. With the latest update to the app it’s even easier to store decentralized coins, because you can do it right from a cryptocurrency hardware wallet.

What’s a hardware wallet? It’s a dedicated gadget, like the Ledger Nano X/S or Trezor Model T, with encrypted storage and basic controls to keep and transfer cryptocurrency in person. Now you can transfer coins between a compatible Samsung phone (most new models have access to the Samsung Blockchain Wallet) and a hardware wallet with either Bluetooth or a USB cable.

This is useful for the tiny number of users that actually keep cryptocurrency as, you know, currency, for purchasing goods and services, instead of simply throwing money at it and hoping to get rich. But Samsung hasn’t forgotten about the investors: the new version of Samsung Blockchain Wallet includes a cryptocurrency newsfeed from CoinDesk.

The updated version of Samsung Blockchain Wallet is available as a download from the Galaxy Store, and it’s also live on APK Mirror.

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