SardarJi Praises Aman For His Contribution in Forming Team SouL


Popular Indian esports caster Harshdeep “Sardarji” Singh recently praised S8UL Esports’ Aman “Aman” Jain for his contributions to forming Team SouL’s Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) roster. Sardarji stated that Aman’s decision to quit playing the game professionally and instead start coaching had helped S8UL Esports by contributing to the formation of Team SouL, which is currently one of the best teams in the country. He added that Aman’s sacrifice and commitment to the team had led to winning a trophy and praised him as an inspiration.

SardarJi explains how Aman has helped Team SouL to form its BGMI roster

In a recent livestream, a viewer told SardarJi that Aman was a wasted potential and could not reach his maximum potential as he quit playing esports. However, SardarJi saw the situation in a different light, expressing his belief that Aman has actually helped S8UL Esports by contributing to the formation of its “best BGMI lineup.” He viewed Aman’s move to coaching as a strategic decision that has ultimately benefited the team.

Aman explained that very few people are able to achieve what Aman has achieved, as well as Amit and Sid, who also played an equally important role in forming Team SouL. “But what I personally have seen is Aman invested his everything, completely gave up his YouTube, disappeared for a while, invested his time in the team, and won a trophy (BGMI Pro Series) with that team,” he added.

SardarJi argued that Aman’s decision to transition to coaching was not a waste at all but rather a sacrifice that has taken the team further. “What I am seeing is if a person is making such sacrifices, and taking the team so ahead, then how can you call it a waste?” he said.

SardaJi spoke highly of Aman, suggesting he is the type of person from whom others can draw inspiration. “He is still earning more than you and me; he still has much more fame than you and me, and he still plays better than any of us,” he added.

Aman is one of the oldest professional players in the BGMI esports scene. During his tenure at Entity Gaming, he put on an incredible performance and was even a top fragger for some time. However, he stopped playing esports in October 2021 and started his journey as a coach of Team SouL.

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