Saumraj Reportedly Declined Offers to Play PUBG Mobile Abroad

Saumraj Reportedly Declined Offers to Play PUBG Mobile Abroad

In a recent livestream, Saumya “Saumraj” Raj, a professional Indian Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) player, revealed that he had declined offers from foreign organizations and made a decision to stay in India to represent the country in international tournaments. According to a statement on his livestream, Saumraj was offered the opportunity to move to another country and compete in international PUBG Mobile tournaments.

Saumraj decides to stay in India and compete in BGMI tournaments amid ban

In a statement on his livestream, Saumraj revealed that he was approached by an organization to move to another region and compete in international tournaments as the game is unavailable in the country. However, Saumraj disagreed. “I was offered to move to another country, but I don’t want to move abroad,” he said. “Moving abroad and playing the game from over there won’t be the same.”

Saumraj’s decision to stay in India, wait for the game to return, and then compete in the tournament from his home country is patriotic. Many professional players choose to move to other regions to have more opportunities to compete at a high level. “I want to make my country proud. If I move to another country, I will have to take their citizenship to play the tournaments,” he stated.

Earlier, Saumraj expressed his belief that even if Indian teams had got the opportunity to participate in the recently concluded PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022 (PMGC 2022), they would not have performed well. Saumraj attributed the potential poor performance of Indian teams to the current block on BGMI in India, which has resulted in a lack of practice and official tournaments for Indian players. “Indian teams wouldn’t even have qualified for PMGC 2022. Not a single team.” Justifying the reason behind his cryptic statement, Saumraj added, “Due to the current suspension of the game, we are lagging one year behind other international teams. It would take us one year of practice to recover from it.”

Saumraj’s statement is a clear representation of his dedication to his roots and passion for representing his country. It showcases his loyalty towards his country and his passion for contributing to the growth of the Indian gaming scene. His decision also serves as an inspiration to other players. 


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