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Sc0utOP Gives Advice to Young Esports Aspirants


Tanmay “Sc0utOP” Singh was recently seen livestreaming on his YouTube channel, where he was chatting with his audience. A lot of his viewers started asking him various questions regarding the return of Battleground Mobile India’s (BGMI). As a result, he talked about the game, gave advice to young aspiring Esports players on how important education is even for Esports aspirants and explained the importance of luck.

Sc0utOP says he does not have any idea about BGMI

Sc0utOP said that he does not have any idea when or if the game will return, and he does not want to give false information to his audience just for the sake of increasing his reach on YouTube. He said, “The BGMI game does not exist. It will come whenever it wants under the BGMI name or another name. I don’t want to give fake hopes and mislead my audience just to stay relevant.” Following this, he added, “It may be that I don’t have any knowledge because my connections are not that strong such that the publisher itself tells me when BGMI will return. I am, maybe, not that big that the company itself tells me. I don’t have any idea, and I don’t want to mislead my audience.”

Sc0utOP advises Esports aspirants to focus on career

Sc0utOP advised young esports aspirants to focus on their education along with the game. Giving a fixed dedicated time to the game each day is enough, and it is not necessary to grind an entire day without focusing on school and college. He said, Those players who want to make their career in BGMI or the game that replaces BGMI, don’t ruin your career in the name of grind. Two hours per day are enough for grinding, as you just have to keep your skills relevant.” He added, “I do not play BGMI, and I rarely open it. Last time, too, whenever I opened it, it was on the stream. I play Apex Legends Mobile or any other mobile game for my hand movements.”

Sc0utOP revealed that many people had ruined their careers by overly focusing on the game and not paying enough attention to their education. As a result, he advised his viewers to focus on their students along with the game. “Don’t live with false hope. Trust me, you will remember these words; if not today, then maybe next year, that one YouTuber asked you to focus on your career. I am not kidding, I have seen people ruin their most important time, like the final year of college, by grinding the game. Grinding will not make your future, but education will give you a secure career, said Sc0utOP. He added, “So, study along with playing the game. Trust me, it does not always work out in your favor; life is not fair for everyone.”

Sc0utOP explained the importance of luck to his audience by stating that he and Mortal are famous now because their early videos went viral and revealed that out of hundreds of messages, he read Daljeet’s message and gave him a chance. He said, “Sometimes you get the opportunity and the exposure. It will often be like you are too good for the game but won’t get the limelight. Let me tell you a fact. If Mortal’s that video hadn’t gone viral, Mortal wouldn’t be famous now. I also wouldn’t have been famous if my videos hadn’t gotten viral.” Following this, he added, “Daljeet messaged me, but many others also messaged me along with him. If it is meant to be, it will be. I read Daljeet’s message because it was meant to be, and he got a start. It’s all about luck. So, don’t rely entirely on luck.”

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