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Sc0utOP Warns Young Players to Not Ruin Their Careers in Hopes of BGMI’s Return


Tanmay “Sc0utOP ” Singh, a well-known Battlegorunds Mobile India (BGMI) player and YouTuber, recently addressed his audience on a livestream and talked about BGMI. He advised young players to focus on their studies and career instead of hoping for BGMI to return.

Sc0utOP advised players to focus on their studies

Since BGMI’s removal from the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store, players have been asking creators their thoughts and leaks about the game’s return. Previously, Sc0utOP had replied to a few of his viewers showing concern regarding the game’s return. However, in a recent livestream, he said he had stopped addressing questions, accepted that the game has gone for now, and stopped hoping it would return anytime soon.

Sc0utOP said, “I have stopped addressing questions regarding the BGMI ban. I have started to accept that it was a game, got blocked, and now I am playing another game.” He added, “I won’t keep hoping it will come today or tomorrow. It will come whenever it wants, but hopefully, it will come soon. Even if it comes late, there won’t be any problem, and if it comes soon, there is still no problem.”

Even though the game is still blocked and there is no official announcement from Krafton, many young players are grinding hard to make a career in BGMI esports. Addressing the situation, Sc0utOP showed concern and advised all the players to focus on their education and not ruin their careers by hoping for the game to return. He also mentioned that he had also asked his team, Team X Spark, to do the same.

Sc0utOP stated, “I will say one thing to all the players; please don’t ruin your career hoping that the game will return. Continue your education. I have said the same thing to the players of Team X. First, complete your education; if the game returns, then focus on the game.” He added, “I don’t want to give someone hope that the game will return, and ask them not to study and keep grinding. If the game comes after one year, they will have ruined their careers. That’s why I want to say that please focus on your education. Don’t ruin your life based on the hope that the game will return.”

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