Scout Explains Why TeamXSpark’s Previous BGMI Lineup Did Not Work


Professional Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) player and content creator Tanmay “Scout” Singh recently disclosed why TeamXSpark’s previous BGMI lineup did not work. He revealed that his esports passion had ended the previous year, which affected his ability to play well and made him feel like he was playing forcefully on the team. He also shared that he felt the team was messed up internally and was always the target of blame as he was the one who brought the team together.

Scout states his passion for esports has ended

In a recent , a viewer asked Scout until what age he would keep livestreaming. Responding to this, Scout revealed that he would stream until he was passionate about doing it. “Until I have the passion (to stream). If passion ends, it (streaming) ends,” he said.

Following this, Scout spoke about his esports passion and explained what happened in TeamXSpark and why it did not work. He said, “My esports passion ended last year, so I could not play well. I was playing forcefully on the team. I will say a straight fact today: after my first tournament was f***ed up, the conditions that were going on in our team, I never felt like playing in that team. I was playing forcefully.”

Scout stated that regardless of how much salary anyone on the team received, he was always the target of criticism as he was the one who brought the team together. “I never felt like playing because the team was messed up internally. I will say this straight up: last year, I grinded in the last three to four months and worked hard, but I had to hear all the criticism,” he said.

Scout used the analogy of a rubber band to explain his situation on the previous team, stating that a rubber band breaks when pulled too far. According to Scout, he felt that he was being stretched too thin and that the pressure was too much to handle. He demonstrated this point further by taking a pencil in his hand and bending it until it broke. “No matter how much you try to fix it, will it get fixed? No, it won’t. Even if you use tape on it, you will still know that it is cracked. That’s the thing. It is simple: if something does not work, don’t pull it; let it go,” he added.

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