Scout Responds to Trolls and Haters Doubting His Future in BGMI Esports

Scout Responds to Trolls and Haters Doubting His Future in BGMI Esports

After a few days of peace, Tanmay “Scout” Singh has once again locked horns with members of GodLike Esports, following their recent team clash during the ongoing tier-one Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) scrims.

Right after the match, multiple players from GodLike started sharing various stories via Instagram and Scout responded to them in kind. Later on the 26-year-old appeared on Darklord’s livestream where he was barraged by trolls and haters.

One of them even mentioned that Scout’s esports career was in danger of getting over after which he lost his cool and gave a cracking response to all those hating on him.

Scout delivers a cracking response to trolls and haters doubting his future in competitive BGMI

One of the biggest gaming personalities from India, Scout, was miffed after receiving a lot of negativity by haters and trolls. He tacked them in his own style by delivering a sound response along with a bold open challenge.

Indirectly speaking about GodLike Esports, Scout remarked that their survival time in the game was close to only five minutes during which they land, loot for items, engage in a fight, get wiped, and then wait for the next lobby.

He tells the haters that they should be worried about their favorite team instead of warning him, it would be better for them to instruct GodLike Esports on how to survive for more than five minutes.

“When do they (GodLike Esports) luckily get more playtime? It is when teams like ours (Team XSpark) that are grinding seriously for a better esports career to represent India at an international level, is wiped earlier and smaller teams are left. This is the only difference, there is nothing else,” said Scout, instructing the trolls to focus on the performance of their team which is not able to survive more than five to ten minutes.

Scout reiterates that it is GodLike Esports that is in need of all the support and that his team has a big enough fanbase who supports it blindly.

He tells the viewers to look at things from a different perspective and see what the reality is because Team XSpark is simply built different. They do not like to show off and believe in hard work, once again saying that their grind is serious and that in a couple of days’ time, they will be dominating everyone.

To top it off he even gave an open challenge that after his team qualifies, he will drop in the other team’s landing spot and hit them hard. Yes, he might go down himself during the skirmish but he will take down a few of their players also.


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