Scout Reveals He May Play the Sidemen Charity Match Event

Tanmay “Scout” Singh is one of the veteran players of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). He is the owner and an esports athlete for Team X Spark and also a streamer and content creator for S8UL. He has represented India at the global stage in multiple esports tournaments and is well known for his mechanical skills and aggressive gameplay which has made him one of the top BGMI players in India. 

In a recent live stream, Scout, talking about his United Kingdom (UK) trip, revealed that he may soon be seen playing Football with the Sidemen in their charity match event.

Scout talks about his return to football through the Sidemen Charity match event

Many of the fans know Scout as a gamer and an esports athlete but those who follow him closely know his love for Football. He has visited various Football stadiums in the past to watch his favorite team play and in a recent visit to the UK, he was seen with the well known British Youtube Group, Sidemen. He visited their Sidecast set and also shared a picture through .

In a recent talking about his visit to the UK and meeting the Sidemen, Scout said, “I may get a chance or an invite to play in the charity match event organized by the Sidemen. Let’s see if we are lucky enough to get a chance to play. I would love to showcase some of my football skills at such a huge stage.”

This isn’t the first time Scout has been seen on Sidecast, a podcast hosted by the Sidemen. In their 2023 while talking about how popular mobile games such as PUBG and BGMI (India’s version of PUBG) are in countries like India and China. Their discussion was about how streamers in India still grab over 200,000 viewers on live streams and over 2 million views on videos of such games. 

Scout did not reveal further details about his meeting with the Sidemen but we can expect some details to be revealed soon with the announcement of the charity match event.