Scout Shares His Views on JokerKiHaveli and Talks About the BGMI Audience


Professional esports athlete and S8UL Esports’ content creator Tanmay “Scout” Singh recently shared his thoughts on S8UL Esports’ content creator Gulrez “JokerKiHaveli” Khan. He said Joker is like a brother to him but also noted that he can be very excitable and sometimes not aware of what he is saying while creating content. Scout expressed that this is due to a lack of experience, which experienced streamers tend to hone through years of practice. 

Scout also spoke about the current gaming audience, stating that it primarily originated from PUBG Mobile viewership. He also included himself among three content creators who he believes were instrumental in building the audience base.

Scout shares his views on JokerKiHaveli 

In a recent livestream, a viewer asked Scout his opinion on JokerKiHaveli. Responding to this, Scout stated that JokerKiHaveli was like a brother to him. Despite this, he also mentioned that Joker tends to be very excitable. “Joker (JokerKiHaveli ) is older than us in terms of age but younger than us in terms of work experience,” he added.

Scout also mentioned that when he was new to content creation, he used to swear a lot and had a lot of aggression. He expressed his belief that Joker is similar to him in that regard, as he is a content-oriented streamer who may not always be aware of what he is saying. “In the pursuit of creating content, sometimes he is not aware of what he is saying. It is just the lack of experience. That’s what I feel,” he added. 

Scout further elaborated more on JokerKiHaveli’s personality. According to Scout, Joker is the kind of person who is always willing to help out his friends in need. Scout noted that if you were to call him at night for help, Joker would pick up the phone without hesitation. “That’s the kind of person Joker is. The only thing is that when he is in character, he forgets. It’s not only him, but a lot of people are the same,” he added.

According to Scout, experienced streamers know how to behave, what to do, and how to create content effectively. They have honed their craft through years of practice.

Scout talks about the BGMI audience

After talking about JokerKiHaveli, a viewer pointed out that the audience of most creators tend to get triggered easily. Responding to this, Scout made some noteworthy remarks. He stated that the current audience for BGMI has come primarily from PUBG Mobile. Although he did not want to brag about this fact, he acknowledged that the audience base for BGMI originated from the viewership of three specific content creators: Aaditya “Dynamo” Sawant, Naman “MortaL” Mathur, and himself. “I said these names in a specific order because PUBG Mobile gaming on YouTube started with these people in the same order. First, Dynamo came, then MortaL, and I came. The same audience rooted (to other creators). If the game returns, the audience will emerge from these same roots,” he added.

Dynamo, MortaL, and Scout are recognized as three prominent content creators who have contributed to making PUBG Mobile mainstream in India. While Dynamo has been actively involved in content creation throughout his professional journey, MortaL and Scout are acknowledged for their exceptional prowess as PUBG Mobile/BGMI players in the country. Notably, MortaL has since retired from professional gaming and currently focuses on content creation. Conversely, Scout is dedicated to producing content while diligently working towards his aspiration of securing an international trophy for India.

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