Scout Shares Opinion on New State Mobile vs. BGMI and Calls for Fusion of Mechanics


Popular Indian streamer and professional esports athlete Tanmay “Scout” Singh recently shared his preference between the two most popular mobile battle royale games in India – New State Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). Without hesitation, Scout picked BGMI from both games but expressed his liking for the mechanics of New State Mobile. Although he acknowledged that combining the two is impractical, he imagined what it would look like to have New State’s mechanics in BGMI

Scout picks BGMI over New State Mobile, expresses his liking for the mechanics of the latter

In the past few months, New State Mobile has risen to prominence and become one of the most popular mobile battle royale games amid the unavailability of BGMI and Free Fire. Numerous tournaments of the game have taken place in recent months, including two major LAN events. This increase in the game’s popularity raised a question in the community about whether BGMI or New State Mobile is better. Although both games come from the PUBG universe and resemble each other, the graphics and mechanics of both games differ extensively. Hence, it is tough to compare both games.

In a recent livestream, a viewer asked Scout’s opinion on which game from New State Mobile and BGMI he would prefer to play, assuming that BGMI was unbanned. Responding to this, he picked BGMI without any second thoughts but expressed that he likes the mechanics of New State Mobile more. “Obviously, I would choose BGMI. But I personally want the mechanics of New State Mobile in BGMI,” he said.

Scout went on to express his personal desire for the mechanics of New State Mobile to be incorporated into BGMI. While he acknowledged that such a combination is not practical, he painted a picture of what it would look like. “Practically, it is impossible, but imagine the New State’s mechanism in BGMI. The same BGMI graphics, the same color, the same color grading, everything from BGMI, but the mechanism that New State Mobile has would be added in BGMI. That would be fun,” he said.

Since the launch of New State Mobile in November 2021, it has been a direct competitor of PUBG Mobile or its Indian variant BGMI. However, the popularity of BGMI overshadowed New State Mobile in India for a long time. After the government of India suspended BGMI in July 2022, citing national security and privacy concerns, the game started to gain traction in the Indian mobile gaming community. Numerous players and teams switched to the game, including Team SouL’s Sohail “Hector” Shaikh and Scout’s TeamXSpark.

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