Scout Supposedly Reacts to BGMI’s Alleged Permanent Ban: “I was so pumped”

Scout Shares His Views on JokerKiHaveli and Talks About the BGMI Audience

Half the month has gone by and as speculated by multiple creators, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has not made its return and continues to remain banned in the country.

After nine months, it seems that the game might allegedly never return. Well, that is how one of the top gaming creators, Tanmay “Scout” Singh, supposedly reacted in one of his recent livestreams.

He expressed frustration and disappointment towards what viewers thought was related to BGMI’s permanent ban. However, Scout himself never clarified what the minute-long rant was about.

If true, this information seems to be in disjunction with information shared by Shiva Nandy, who claimed that BGMI could likely return by the end of April or the first week of May.

Scout reacts to BGMI allegedly getting permanently banned

During a recent livestream session, Scout was seen expressing frustration which involved a lot of expletives, over something which fans think was related to BGMI allegedly never returning back.

When asked if he wanted to play more BGMI, Scout responded by saying that he does not feel like it, “With a lot of interest and after so many years I had started playing the game. I was working by putting in so much focus, looking forward to it, and full of passion.”

Scout explained that he was in a vibe where he was focussed and ready to put in a lot of work, “I was pumped like crazy. It has been ages since I got so pumped. But now there is nothing left, I will build my body. I’m an Instagram influencer now boys!”

When asked about BGMI’s return directly, Scout gave the classic response, “The game will come or it won’t, who knows, I don’t know anything about it. Now guys I don’t know anything all my contacts have been exhausted.”

Scout himself did not provide a classification behind the outburst but with BGMI’s delayed return following heavy speculation that it would be back in the first week of April, many expected that this was in relation to that.


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