Scout to Take Legal Action Against Hate Propagating Instagram Pages

One of the most renowned organizations in the Indian gaming community, S8UL Esports and Godlike Esports, have lately taken steps to address a troubling issue relating to online harassment. The organization is well-known for its influence and diverse roster of content creators and esports athletes, and as a result it has found itself in a difficult situation involving the harassment of its players and content creators. Tanmay “Scout” Singh brought this issue to light.

Both of the organizations recently faced abusive behavior directed at content creators and players. These incidents were traced to various Instagram accounts.

Scout shares details about the issue

Scout has revealed that some Instagram pages have been spreading hate online and abusing players from S8UL and Godlike Esports. According to the details revealed by him the pages change their names and abuse the players from other organizations. 

In a recent , Scout said that, “The hate pages that have abused me, have also in the past abused Jonathan, Mortal and Goldy. It is a group of hate pages and they are not fans of anyone. I have talked with Ghatak and Goldy and have informed them that this same page in the past changed its name and abused Jonathan and his parents. The same page changed its name and abused Mortal and his parents. It is a group of pages that does such things and they enjoy doing it, I don’t know why. We have also collectively decided that we will also take action against these pages and their owners. I didn’t say anything earlier because it didn’t happen to me but I knew these things were going on for a long time. I knew they would come for me and then I would take action against them. If the pages like to involve our parents then I would also like to involve their parents and let them know what their kids have been doing.”    

Scout also provided information about one of the page owners and said that, “One of the page owners was arrested and now has been bailed. His family does farming and he’s the only one educated in his family. He is about 21 yrs old”.

Ghatak had also said on Instagram that, “I see lots of Instagram handles using GodLike’s name and spreading hate to other players and organizations. Using our name and spreading hate doesn’t make you a fan. You are simply a toxic kid hiding behind social media” 

Recently Lokesh “Goldy” Jain also took action against one of the accounts spreading hate. He had revealed in a recent live stream that he has filed a police complaint against the account. He also revealed that the account allegedly morphs images of female content creators and shares them online.

The online hate spreading issue has been growing rapidly for quite some time. Organizations have started taking strict measures against this issue as it is mentally disturbing for the players and creators.

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