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SECRET Jokes About Dionysus Potentially Leaving Hydra Esports


In a recent livestream, Hydra esports’ Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) pro player SECRET and the team’s coach and analyst XAHU joked that Jatin “Dionysus” Chauhan might be leaving Hydra Esports. Since Dionysus did not stream when the rest of his team was not online, both the other members took the opportunity at hand and taunted Dionysus on being unavailable to play with them. Coach XAHU even went on to say that he plays with his “backup team.” However, it is important to note that the members were only joking about Dionysus’ departure.

SECRET says Dionysus has been playing with his new team lately

One of SECRET’s viewers asked him to change the schedule of his livestream as a lot of his viewers were busy during the recent livestream. Responding to this, SECRET said that he only streams when all the players from his squad are available to play. “It is not about the time. I stream whenever my team is free. Else, I don’t feel like streaming,” he said. Hearing this, XAHU, playing with him, took the opportunity to teaseDionysus and said he had been busy lately.

Following this, SECRET joined XAHU in teasing SECRET and said that Dionysus had been playing with a different team and would change his team. “SUS plays all day with his squad as he is going to a new team,” said SECRET. However, Dionysus defended himself by saying he had been grinding solo. XAHU teased him by saying he plays with his “backup team,” which is why he has been busy.

Dionysus is not actually leaving Hydra Esports, and it was just a fun chat between the members of Hydra Esports.

Hydra Esports is an esports organization founded by the popular BGMI content creator Aaditya “Dynamo” Sawant. The organization announced its latest BGMI line-up in April 2022. As per the announcement, the line-up included the following players.

  • PARV



  • Aaditya “LEGEND

  • Afnaan “Kyllo” Shah

Notably, the team did not include Dionysus during the announcement. Hydra Esports has made some changes since the announcement but did not make any announcement on social media, maybe because the game was already blocked in India. One of those changes was the addition of Dionysus to its BGMI roster between late July to early August.

Dionysus was a professional BGMI player for Marcos Gaming for the first half of 2022. The player showed an impressive performance during his tenure at Marcos Gaming, where he played the LAN Event BGMI Master Series and ranked second in TEC BGMI Invitational Season 4. It will be exciting to see what new heights he achieves with Hydra Esports after the game returns.

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